Friday -

Sat around doing work on the computer for part of the day and wrote up my FR for the past few days and blah blah blah. The evening falls and I leave to go get a shirt for the club that night, it was my boys Birthday so I had to get me a lil somethin' somethin'...

I bounce from there to get a camera from the office and head over to chill with my homegirl from the Promo Team I work for. I realize what time it was so I split since I have to be there early for my guests.

The club's empty since its' not really open and I'm waiting for everybody to get there. I have the camera and am snapping shots of anybody and everybody. LOVE THOSE THINGS. I need to get a digital camera. *remind me people!!!*

It's 11 O'clock and I decided that I'm going to stay at the club and drink since it's a birthday. I get a few Long Island Ice Tea's and get a little buzzed. My boy was walking around with a Absolute Vodka bottle pouring it into peoples mouths. I got a few of those. NOT GOOD!! Shots = trouble!

The chick Ms. Cutie from my last few FR's is there with her gang of friends. I start to dance with her a bit. Of course I run off from time to time to get me a drink or to talk with Birthday boy and dance with his cousin. She's mad adorable.

So here's what I DON'T remember...

I was drinking since it was my boys b-day and all, but I don't remember throwing up. I don't remember who drove me home and I don't remember much about what went down with the naked girl in my bed.

I do remember eating her out, fingering her and getting some head and then waking up to her on my computer where she "found my journal." LOL!! But that's about it.

It's all good, she told me that I can fool around with her any time with no strings attached. At this point in my life that's the only way it can be with any chick. Finally one who's forward about it.

Saturday -

Woke up hungover with Ms. Cutie and had to get a ride from my Promo friend to get my car. We get to Long Beach and I buy them both breakfast/lunch (Very rare). After that I come back home to goof around online for a bit and end up talking to DeadAim89 for a bit and tell him I'm heading out to SD to make CCSD happen and ask if he's down for the ride. He is so I'm off to swoop his ass up and drive the grueling 5 traffic on a Saturday.

We get down there to find out that Downtown San Diego STILL has the worst parking in America. The meeting was on 5th st. and I parked on 19th, LOL!!!

At the meeting I broke down the history of CC, where J The Ripper visualized and wanted the crew to go. Broke down how we run our Open and Closed Lair meetings, did a lil meet n' greet and then just coooooooled on out with everybody. We have a solid crew down there and they will mos def be doing DAMAGE like CC does.

I have to take off since I booked a birthday party at my club so DeadAim and I bounce back up to Orange and get to the club. He's not 21 yet so we just stay outside and fuck around. He's sitting down staring and all the fine ass walking by. I'm hustling off my business cards to the finest chicks I can find.

Then who rolls up?! WALRUS!!! Dude has like 5 maybe 6 of the cutest chicks with him. Guru was the and $$ Money $$. Fuckers roll deep, son! OC PUA's, baby!!! Just how we do. I get them in and kick 'em with some drink tickets so they can have a good time. I notice as I was handing them the drink tickets the girls started to put their hands out for one. NAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody gets in and I'm waiting for Danger to arrive so we can go do some approach exercises. We're not sure where we want to go, but we ended up in Downtown Fullerton.

I dropped DeadAim off and get to DTF and Danger and I do a quick walk through at SlideBar. Eh, so we take off to another spot across the street. Once we get in we start with our exercises.

We meet up and talk about what we did and all that really quick and then try to open some more sets. I opened a few that were REALLY warm, but nothing I wanted to game. I was there to practice.

I talk with one more set and then we take off to another bar. We get in and we're off!! Danger is on a mission and I'm walking around rambling with people here n' there. I get into a mixed 3set and I'm just talking and their chunkster friend tried to talk shit about me trying to promote my bar. So I set her straight and she ends up giving me a high-five. Weirdo.

So I'm standing there and I see this Asian chick talking and I try to tap her on her shoulder but she bent over to hear what her friend was saying so I missed. DAMMIT! She stands up and I tap her left should and then I jump over to her right side. She looks and I'm not there. She looks in my direction and I just start busting on her. "The OLDEST trick in the book, and you fell for it." She laughs and it's game on.

Bantering, a back turn from both of us LOL!, all good stuff. She ends up talking to me about my shirt and then tells me she works at Metro Park. SCORE!!! I tell her she's fun and try to get her number. DENIED!! She says we're keeping this strictly business and that I can come by her work the next today. So after this FR I'm heading over before a party.

The set was BERRY warm, fun and the chick was crazy social and cute. LOVE ME THEM ASIANS.

Danger and I take off to get some NORMS and eat a Sampler Platter and then BOUNCE!!!!

So there's my last two nights out, fuckers. I'll see you guys out soon.