I almost had 3 lays in one day, and only ended up with 2!



What a d**k...

Lay 1 -

So, here's the mission I had the other day. My ex HATES me and everybody knows this. She knows I do Pick Up and that I help run CC and blah blah blah...She just wants me to spend a lot of time with her like most girls would but I'm just a busy cat and can't give that to her so we're not together anymore.

She was in Hawaii for over a week and last Friday when I was messing around with Ms. Cutie at like 4 in the morning she was texting me, lol. Once she gets back from Hawaii I tell her we're having dinner or lunch together and as always she puts up a fight. I'm talking to her on the phone while I'm at Reel's house and tell her I'm on my way so we can get some food. "No." she says and I tell her, "Then we're having breakfast tomorrow." Again she comes up with a solid NO and a excuse of being busy all day.

I tell her that if I can't see her for breakfast the next day then I'm coming right now, like RIGHT NOW. She said she has plans and that tomorrow for food would be better. LOL!!! Business is business...It's like selling shit. Give people that high price knowing what you really want and then bargain with 'em and you still get what you want.

I wanted to have sex with her again. She's fun.

The next day rolls around and she's dying her hair so she takes a bit longer to get here. We go and get some food across the street from the place I'm staying. During breakfast/lunch I tell her that we should watch a movie. As we're on our way out to the car she tells me, "You better not be a perv." I look at her with a shocked face and say, "Who me?! Never." She rolls her eyes. Once we're up in the apartment I put the movie in and start to get close to her to fuck with her. Almost smothering her. Then I lean back into my own corner and chill. She grabs a pillow and throws her head back, so I take it from her and throw it in my lap.

Once she lays down I keep my hands to myself for a few minutes to make it not so obvious. Then my hands hit her thighs and lift up her dress so I can keep my hands there. I start to rub on her thighs and stomach. She keeps looking up at me to see if I'm passing out watching the movie and telling me that I'm not going to enjoy the movie I put in. I already watched it so I knew the story line and could tell her parts that I liked and that made me laugh.

I lean over and kiss her belly and start to rub her thighs and ass. She slaps my hand away. I grab her arm and start and her wrist and start kissing and lightly biting all the way down until I get to her shoulder and then lick her earlobe. She pulls away, she sits up and then I get on the ground in front of the couch and am on my knees facing her. I lift up her dress and start kissing on her thighs and work my way up. She tries to pull away but I'm not letting it happen. I get near her panties and give it a good lick right around there. She tells me that we shouldn't be doing this. I agree and then pull her panties to the side and get a couple of really good licks in.

Then after I get those in I sit up and pull her panties off and open her legs and go to town. I throw one of her legs on the coffee table and the other on the couch so I can have full view. After I'm done, I sit up and start taking my belt and jeans off. She tells me to get a condom and I do. I sit back down and tell her to lick it. She goes down for a quick lick, I give her that look and tell her one more and after I put the condom and and pull her on top of me.

I bust, we get our clothes back on and then she keeps telling me to go to work. LOL! I get everything I need for the office together and bounce. Walk her to her car and then leave to handle some business.

Lay 2 -

While I'm at my friends house working on booking the next few weeks events I'm texting back and forth with my friend who I'm staying with. She texts me here and there and she texts me, "HEY WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT?" I don't tell her where I'm at and respond with, "YOU."

After I get done with dinner and talking about my events and getting ideas on what to book I take off and she calls me. I ask her, "Do you wanna fool around tonight?" Kinda thrown off by my bluntness she says, "Sure."

I end up at Reel's house to chill and get my hair cut. He's been listening to Foundations by RSD lately so he's been asking me a lot of questions. He sees the light!!!! I tell him about my mission and he laughs. He invites me to his club he works at and I decline it since I have to mess around with the chick I'm staying with. Then I get a call from Ms. Cutie saying she's out and about and needs a bar to go to. I tell her about Reel's club and that it has House music. She says okay.

I get some slack from Reel for denying him and then going after all for the chick. I explain to him I'ma bounce and get laid and then meet them there. He's like, "WTF?!" LOL!! I know, I know...But I'm on a mission, son!

He cuts my hair and then I'm off to the pad. I get here and have to wait since I only have a key to the screen door. Once I'm in I get all naked and jump in the shower and wash all the hair off from my cut. The shower felt good and I just threw on my boxers and pants then came and sat on the couch to watch some rap battles on youtube. The girl I'm staying with comes out and sits next to me on the couch with a book. After a few minutes she puts it down to watch the rap battles with me. We watch a few together and then I tell her my back hurts and ask for her to give me a back rub. She says okay and then I get up from the couch and start walking towards the bedroom.

I get positioned right on the bed so she can massage me. She starts to rub my back and it feels really good, after a few minutes I ask her to rub my chest and she tells me she's never rubbed a chest before. I flip over and she just starts touching me lightly everywhere and I go in for a kiss.

I grabbed her head and pulled her in for one. After a few seconds I grabbed her leg and started to pull it over me so she can be on top. Now she's on top and we're grinding, all the good stuff. Her phone goes off and while she's fixing that I lift her shirt and unsnap her bra.

She leans up and take her top and bra off. After she comes back down I start licking all over her chest and rubbing everywhere. We continue to grind and then I go for her pants and unzip those. Start working those off her hips. I go to see if the doors are shut and then come back to her in her panties.

I get down to my boxers and literally jump back onto the bed, LOL!! She's on top again and we're making out and I just start tugging on her panties to go down. Right when she sits up I get to the edge of the bed and start reaching for a condom in my trusty Adidas bag.

I lay back down and hand her the condom to put on. I got this thing with women putting the condom on me.

It's on and she crawls back on top of me and we go at it...

I bust...

We start to talk for a bit and then she mentions something about me flyering for my event and I remember that I was suppose to watch the meteor shower with my ex, flyer with my boy and or try and go for a kill and get a third lay in.

I jump in the shower and clean off my junk. My clothes get put back on and then I'm off!

Lay 3 -

It didn't happen but here are a few texts from here throughout the night.

Ejoy, f**kers.

Ms. Cutie - We r at sharkeez. Dammit. I wanted some p**sy time. Tooo bad.

Ms. Cutie - Oh! Oh!

I tell her that I'm going to come to her house to fuck and this was her response.

Ms. Cutie - Can u f*** me outside? Cant come in. (address)

I text back that I'll call her after the bars close and she texts me this...

Ms. Cutie - Sh*t i'm coming home now. I mite b sleeping. do me a favor and fuck me friday at shore. Huge fantasy of mine to get fucked at a club. Don't disappoint. Office maybe? Sounds slutty but we're friends. Friends dont let friends f**k sad.

So here's her last attempt after not knowing what she wanted...

Ms. Cutie - If i didnt have to b at work at seven..damn. But call later if ur in the hood. if i pick up its on. I'm gonna watch some po6n now and sleep mx drunk ass off. Dont forget friday. I have 6 coming

I'd write my texts to her but my phone only holds 20 texts going out and since I text non-stop I can't save them. If you have sprint let me know I need a blackberry...I'll buy your old one off you.

So there's my attempt at 3 lays in one day. ALMOST!! lol!!

See you fuc**rs around.