4'11" 102lbs. Filipino, cute and all that niceness.

How I met her.

Saturday is wen I promote Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim and I already booked a party that was getting a couple of bottles, so I didn't send out a mass text since I already knew I was going to have a good turnout.

I get to the club and CCer's just start crawling up from all over, mmechanics, Lucent, Flightdeck and his Pivot, Tomcatt858, SixPack, Alex G, Niceguy and Grandma (did I miss anybody?)

We're inside and I'm running around seeing what's up with the table I booked, seeing if they're having a good time and dancing with the birthday girl. Later on I'm on the smoking patio where all the CCer's are chillin'. It's tiny but we're RUNNING it.

I look over and Flighdeck has his iPhone out with the 7/hammer routine on it. I look at this Asian girl with boots that shoot up to her knee, YUM, and tell her to come over to me. At first she doesn't know whether to sit or cruise over but she comes to me. I show her the phone with all the 7's and have her read it and then ask her to name a tool and she says, "Screwdriver." I laugh and tell her I said the same thing.

We end up talking to one another for a few and then I ask her if she has rhythm and just like any girl she asks me the same question. BAM! Dance floor. We on there dancing for a few and then we take off and I end up at the bar, get both of us a drink. (I NEVER DO THIS BUT I PROMOTE HAVE FREE DRINKS WTH RIGHT?) I bump into Flightdeck and his pivot, shoot them some drink tix.

After the bar we're back on the smoking patio where her sister is and her sister doesn't think I'm a good dancer since I'm white so I took her to the dance floor and *ahem* did my thing thing w/ her. Mos def a fun group of chicks. I end up walking back off with my my target Ms. Boots we'll call her and got a quick lil make out and that was it for the night before I took off to Denny's w/ TomCatt858. If you haven't hung out w/ TomCatt, well, you need to. When I was in the club he literally turned me around to look at this chick and then he leaned over my shoulder and barked, LOL!!! So funny.

TomCatt and I end up at Denny's where we're just acting like a bunch of fools and there's a 2set of chunksters behind me and he opens them for the fuck of it. They don't know how to react to us at first but we get them to open up until our food got there and then of course we ate, LOL!!

I'm texting back and forth with the Birthday girl who I wrote about in my Hydro's Notes thread. The one where Zar critiqued me.

After Denny's and dropping off TomCatt858 I end up over at her pad. Right when I get in there I go straight to town. I have her straddling and kissing me, I go straight for the shirt after a lil Kino and NOTHING!

By the time we got into her room I was too tired, it was almost 5 in the morning so I passed out. I woke up before noon and thought to myself, "Should I cuddle up on her with Le' Morning Wood?!" I didn't, I just rolled onto my other side and PASSED BACK OUT!!! Woke up again and started to talk to her about EVERYTHING!! From relationships, dating, the type of people we're attracted to, what attracts us to people. It was a dope talk. We end up out on the couch watching a movie and I ended up bouncing. My ex was suppose to be at Disneyland so I couldn't get a lay over there.

I end up back at the chicks pad I'm staying with and just chilled out.

Monday hits and I get a text from Ms. Boots "Good Morning!!" I'm like wtf?! I had to re-evaluate my game, because the last few chicks I've number closed have text me first. So I sat back thinking about what I'm doing differently now. Gotta remember I've only been doing this shtuff a lil over a year.


I'm texting back and forth with her while I'm going to my ex's to get me some and I had a "movie night" set up with Ms. LMR later that night. *AHEM* I get to my ex's and she's already acting like a freak so I leave right away...of course w/out getting any booty.

Movie night gets canceled and I am left alone with PALMela HANDerson, HANDjelica and some porn. :?

The best thing that came from Monday was that Vince Kelvin called me up to do a Pre-Summit interview and the topic was HOW TO TRANSITION INTO SEX. Good topic. I talked with him for about 15-20 minutes and then just went back to surfing the web and watching rap battles,

Between all this I'm chatting with Ms. Boots and setting up a chill sesh with her during her school break.

Tuesday rolls in and I have to head over to SecretAgents crib to record some audio stuff we decided to do for the Summit. I MURDER my recording session in one take. I was stoked. We chill, eat, bullshit around for a few and then I'm off to clean my car before I see Ms. Boots.

My car's clean I take a shower at the crib and then I'm off to see what's crackin'. I get to Burger King (it's near her school) and chill out for a few since I was a few minutes early. She arrives w/ a classmate and we talk about random stuff. She didn't know I was a promoter so she was asking me all types of silly questions. I kept busting on her, you know, just handling business.

Her twenty minutes is up so her and her friend take back off to school but she tells me she wants to see me again. I have no idea where I'ma be so I just tell her, "okay." I call up Flighdeck to see what he's doing. He tells me he's chilling so I cruise over to his pad. I had time to kill since I had to roll over to Heat later and possibly the print shop if they could squeeze in my flyer order or just cruise to my promotion teams office.

Flighdecks sounded much better, dude's always fun to kick it with. I get there and we're both just rambling about anything and everything. I'm on his laptop checking emails and surfing CC, LOL!!! He's finishing up work.

We head out to the store so dude can get some food and then we get back to the crib and get into a pretty deep talk. Real personal shiz.

Ms. Boots calls me asking me where I'm at and I ask her if she has a GPS system in her car, she does so I give her Flighdeck's address (the new Casanova Crew Orange County Lair spot.) LOL!! Good lookin' out on letting me hold the meetings there, fucker.

Ms. Boots shows up, FD and I have a lil fun and bust on her. When does busting on girls get old?! NEVER!

We're all sitting there, FD's at the table on his computer I'm on the love seat with my chick Kinoing here n' there. FD ends up going to bed and I start to get a lil more close to Ms. Boots.

Making out, straddling, SKIN!!! All the goods y'know?! She keeps telling me that she's attracted to me, she asks if I'm attracted to her and then she starts to tell me that she's "not that kind of girl." LOL! Um...I know. We fool around for a lil bit longer and then I take her into the room FD lets me stay in when I'm there.

I get her on top of me and I start to unsnap her bra. She gets all weird and puts it back together. I continue to make out with her and rubbing all over her upper body and then unsnap the bra again. This time she leaves it. I stand up while holding her up against me and then lay her on the bed.

I start at her neck and start working my way down to her belly. I get there and when I'm kissing around her bellybutton she take her scrubs off. (She's in school to become a nurse)
We get situated better on the bed and she takes my shirt off.

I lean in and whisper, "I wanna run my tongue all over your body."

She giggles and then takes off her pants and underwear. I work slowly down from her neck until I get to her spot and then start teasing her with my tongue. I would lick everywhere around it and then lightly over it to feel her squirm. Shit works like a charm.

After a few minutes she starts saying stuff like, "You're gonna make me want you." Then before I knew it she said, "I wanna f*ck you." HOLLA!!! I get up, head to the bathroom where I left a box of condoms the last time I was there. Get 'em and come back to the room.

I sit up and tell her to come to me. She tells me, "I don't do that." I look at her a lil puzzled since I wasn't sure what she meant then she tell me, "I don't give head." I laugh. I tell her, "I just want you to get on top, weirdo."

Get gets on top. NOTHING...

I get on top of her...NOTHING...

Now she wants to suck my d*ck, LOL!!!

So I get a half assed blow job.

When it was done and I had to leave for my club I realized something. I KNEW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT HER. I knew she went to school, she has a 2 yr. old son, she lives FAR and that she was at my club on Saturday.

This is the second girl I've built no connection with and couldn't fuck. So with that being said, I'ma get done here and set up movie night with Ms. LMR and see what happens, lol.

See you creeps on the battle field.