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    Default LR: "Hydro, You *** *** So Good!"

    I finally feel used.

    I'm not gonna front, it turns me on lil actually. Usually girls wanna cuddle and talk about whatever after sex. Not this chick, son, she pretty much was like, "Okay see you later." LOL!

    I wrote about her in a my FR's "I said we can only have a 3some if it's with you." and "You Can Eat My Pussy Anytime."

    So here's what went down...

    The other day when Flightdeck was leaving for his business trip I was telling him I was gonna handle biz, but while we were having the conversation I started to text Ms. Cutie.

    I asked her what type of movies she liked and she tells me she likes Romantic Comedies and some Indie Films. THEN I get a text saying the type of porn she likes. This chick isn't your regular type of girl.

    Mos def the type you can have some fun with and fun I did have.

    I drop off the ex after a night of having wild sex. Before she left she asked me if I had another girl over. I said no but then I notice her looking at the headboard to the bed and there were hand prints on it from the previous night. I ignored it and walked into the other room. Didn't need to get into a fight.

    My dick was done. I ended up at Condom Revolution in Huntington Beach to get a "Rock Hard All Weekend" pill. Those things...I'm telling ya, ARE THE SHIT! They seem kinda pricey they're about $7 a pill but you get the craziest boners, son. Like if you bust and you have to wait 10-15 mins before having sex again, not with these things. 2 mins later, BAM! You're back at it. Plus they last for 72 hours. If you even brush up against a chick, it's up!


    On my way back from Condom Revolution I was on the phone chatting with a few heads to see how their weekends were and all that and then I get a text from Ms. Cutie telling me that she has stuff to handle and that she won't be over until 9ish. Cool, sounds good. Around 6 I get a text...

    Ms. Cutie - Txt me ur address.

    Hydro - (address)

    Hydro - Text me when youre on your way.

    Ms. Cutie - I'm on my way And we r just watching a movie. Did you get one?

    Hydro - I have tons here, woman.

    Ms. Cutie - Aight silly. Can i smoke weed? My head hurts.

    Hydro - What?! Weed? Um...okay? Of course you can, lol.

    Ms. Cutie - Well i dont want u to b offended. Just bein considerate.

    Hydro - You're talkin to a cat whos name is Hydro, lol.

    After all that I munch on the Rock Hard All Weekend pill and jump in the shower.

    She gets to the pad and I throw in the movie "Waiting" for the 3rd time this weekend.

    It still makes me laugh because you see other shit you didn't notice the first few times you watched it. Good movie, I'd mos def watch it on a Day2 at the casa. Of course with any movie I watch I start to pass out. She sitting up nudging me and asking for the water on the table. MAKING ME WORK! Jeezus.

    During the movie I'm putting on some light Kino and touching her thighs. We kiss here n' there but nothing crazy.

    Finally the movie ends and it's on. We're making out, all the fun stuff and then finally something was said and I moved it to the bedroom. I grabbed my lighter ahead of time to light the candles I had on the night stands. Skin does look better in a candle lit room.

    We get on the bed and start making out and she just grabs my head and starts to push it down. LOL. At first I was thinking to myself, "Um...she doesn't beat around the bush." I end up kissing from her neck down and then get to above her panties and then start from her knee and work my way on in.

    Once I get near it I take her panties off and instead of doing my usual tease since this girl pretty much just wants to get dicked down, I lightly licked once or twice and then went to town.

    She's into it, grabbing my head and running her hands all over it. But then she started to hold it down. I'm already holding my head UP just to eat her out and then her hands are pushing it down. I stop and remove her hands.

    She asks why I don't like that and I tell her it felt like a 5lb. weight was on my head. NAE! She gets loud a few times and then she started moving her hips all crazy and I wasn't feeling it so I jumped up and got some water. As I'm drinking I start tuggin' on my junk to get ready.

    While I'm there she gets to the edge of the bed and starts giving me head. After a while I end up going back down on her while tuggin' a lil more. Once I'm up I have her rip open the condom and I put it on and then slide in her. We're on the corner of the bed. After a couple of thrusts she says, "Hydro, I didn't know!" Didn't know what you weirdo?

    WTH?! lol...

    We switch from the corner of the bed to the edge and then finally I tell her lets switch and she gets in the doggy style position. YUM! She had some hips to grab onto. Mos def was a fun position with her. After a few in that I switched it up again but this time I was on the bottom.

    She gets on top and just goes to town. Her hips were moving so fast. A little longer and I bust.

    After I pull out and start walking away she tells me I talk to much.

    I've never met a girl like this and for some reason I felt like talking to her while fooling around, LOL! Usually it's dirty talk but I kept busting on her and just chatting. Strange I know.

    She gets ready and starts to take off and then I tell her, "I've never felt like a piece of meet until now."

    She laughs.

    She takes off and I hop online to watch some rap battles on YouTube like I usually do late at night.


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    Default Re: LR: "Hydro, You *** P*ssy So Good!"

    This looks like the type of advice I would give...

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