So it started off I got ditched by my normal group of buddies, we where suppose to go to one of the guys cabin and have a poker tournament with girls all around and lots of booze. I was superbly pissed, Ready to rock someones skull. Thats when I though better of it. I approach a guy that I know well from school and ask what he's got rockin' tonight. He said he didn't know exactly I would have to ask CAM. I used to hang out with cam and hes a great guy if only a bit self centered. So I ask him what he's doing tonight and he points at the girl we went to the game with. Cam would be considered (The Natural) he know's how, when, and what to say, as well what to do. Well again I play it cool. I chat him up get his new number to hang some time. So I go back to Vince and ask what we are going to do. we talk some more, and finally I'm standing in the middle of like 9 people directing whats going to happen. I hear from the side of me this girl who was my target to begin with whisper to her close close friend, Vince, I really like this guy. I throw a sniper neg, to strengthen the bond with me and everyone. I walk arm in arm with my targ, I spread the love. I get some booze for everyone. As well as some Pepsi. Me and the girl make out, and I get her number. She has a boyfriend, and I think her and I are going to the homecoming dance. plus shes super cool, laid back, cute, funny.

Thank you Conqure Your Campus, to anyone who has read it, they will know I applied like 20 principals from it and it worked great! Not to mention all the guys though I was great, I got the "old" leaders number to organize stuff later on.