I get on the subway today and I see this cute girl sitting down, easily an 8, shes kinda taking off her shoes and cleaning her feet or some sh1t, I sit down next to her, 1 seat over not too come off too creepy. So I am looking around thinking about what to say to her, she keeps fidgeting around and rubbing her eyes.

ME: "Are you crying or something?"
HB: " Oh no, Allergies, Its an allergy season and I got major ones" shows me this cream that she uses for it.
ME: " OH cool, it just looked like you were crying there for a sec."
HB: " no no smiles, I am fine thank you"

shes very pleasent at this point really getting a good vibe and interest level from her. LIL convo pause, so I start looking observing her to come up with a next question. I see like a stamp on her wrist as if she went clubbing.
ME: " I see you went clubbing last night?"
HB: " NO thats actually a tattoo, but it was supposed to look like a stamp so I guess its working"
ME: " yeah it totaly does, what does it mean if you dont mind me asking"
HB: " Not at all"

She tells me its a quote from some play write then there was a date on it too, which was a date when her granma past.
she extends her arm to show me the tiny writing on her wrist, I touch her wrist to throw in a lil Kino for good measures, as she explains the tatt. So we share this lil emotional moment about her opening up to me about her granma, I am all like invested in the story.

ME: "I like when people get tatts that mean something...Do you have any other ones?"

shows me one on her ankle
HB: " I also have one on my uppper thigh, but I cant show you that one." as she smiles.
ME: " hopefully another time" with a cocky smile
HB:" If you are lucky"
ME:" I must say I am feeling kinda lucky this week"
that gets her laughing

I hear my stop getting called out next. Perfect timing. I go for the Number Close.
Me:" Thats actually my stop" I pull out my phone.." You seem like you have cool stories to share, why dont I take your number and text you sometime"
HB: " sure" without hesitation, takes the phone out of my hands and punches it in.

Sent her a text later then evening, and she was very happy to hear from me, shes using alot of smileys and emotions in her texts. I am trying to set up a date this coming week. gONNA KEEP YOU POSTED cause I really wanna fark the sh1t out of this one