Last Friday night I went down to San Francisco for some club time at this 18 up club. I had no alcohol so it was going to be sober fun. I brought my friend who has never been and I've been twice. When we got there I actually got nervous with all these thoughts going through my head. I remember what Tyler from RSD taught me. You need to have your own fun first and gather energy from the club before you can offer that. I say Fark it and we go in. I see two girls and immediately approach. I pull my friend in just to include him and it goes okay but I quickly move on having just done it to get my social momentum going.

Basically if you cant have fun in the club without approaching you need to get that down first. This was my goal tonight is to just have fun on my own. I told my friend to ignore everything else around and just dance and let go of ego and just have fun in the environment.

Half and hour in I was completely let go. I was just dancing like crazy and having a freaking blast. My friend was doing the same. What I noticed is that all round me guys were trying to dance with girls like animals. Some just walking around asking all frustrated. While I had so much fun. Alot of people just standing around. It was amazing how pathetic and sad everyone else seemed to be. I know this is an effective way to have a killer night because I actually danced with three girls. The first two I just decided to dance with. I even grabbed the fattys so my friend could have the hot friend.

And one girl, walked up to me and asked ME if I WANTED TO DANCE, we danced for like 15 min and had a blast!. This is such a good way to have a killer good time.