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    Default Failed F close, so close yet so far.

    back-story; girl on my course who i have flirted with over the year, now exams have finished for us i decided to invite her over to watch a movie. my flatmates have a movie night that we do each Monday that we had previously discussed, and a few days prior our whole course went out as a group.

    night out mini report: we had danced, i put some of my salsa moves to good use seemed to go down well with her and the rest of the girls on the course who i also danced with, i also teased her about being to handsy, after i walked home she texted me around 1pm "did you get home okay?" to which i replied "if you were concerned for my welfare you should have asked me to stay at yours "
    her "there's nothing to do here! i have no internet, and i have to take my car for its MOT at 8.30" - lame excuse/knock-back i thought but anyway.

    next follows a text conversation i used to get her over, i basically tried to seem interested but not too enthusiastic about her coming, so there wasnt any pressure into her coming over and i didnt come off as needy.

    text conversation: (ill put time at the end for reference)

    MEZ: hay, have fun on the night out? you can come over to movie night later btw, not sure whats happening yet though. 11.29

    Girl: yeah it was fun! yeah that would be nice! blahblah about night out 11.54

    MEZ: blah blah course night out, i think you might have to just put up with me later hah though ive got a ridiculous selection of movies to choose from. 16.17

    Girl: oh dear.. on second thought.. only joking! cool! that'll be good. it'll be nice to watch something different. blah blah uni related 17.05

    MEZ: blah uni. the cheek of it! i WAS going to let you have some muffins but i dunno if i should now :P 19.38

    girl: i was jokinggg! blah blah uni 17.48

    MEZ: blah uni related, you can come over whenever btw, its a bit messy here though one of the housmates is moving out. 20.05

    girl: shall i come over now? 20.34

    (as i was helping my housemate move her stuff i notice a car pull up down the road, realised later it was girls car)

    MEZ: yeah can do, just park somewhere on the street. 20.46

    she gets out of the car and comes over to me, the usual greetings we go inside, i place my hand on her back to lead her into the house to start the Kino.

    get into my room;

    MEZ: here you go (hand her multi dvd holder wallet)

    girls: wow there is a lot!

    MEZ: theres more point to another few wallets

    girl: wow cool!

    at this point were sitting on my bed talking about the movies in the cases, looking for what we wanted to watch, i sat right next to her, didnt seem to mind which i took as a good start. As where talking about the movies i continue to escalate, make jokes and put my hand on her thigh again positive reaction and smiles.
    we decided on a movie, decided on vantage point. joint choice compromise, my first choice was O Brother, Where Art Thou? cos its awesome, anyway i digress.

    MEZ: you hungry? can go get something to eat before we start.

    girl: yeah sure i am hungry.

    we go to the kitchen to get food. i show her my wares continue the kino and tease her about the muffins and say she cant have any but eventually pretend to relent and give her one.

    MEZ: come on you, i want to watch this movie! *playfull bum smack*

    girl: haha yeah okay!

    back to room, we put on the movie, i continue the teasing and kino, all seems well.

    until.. after the movies finished:

    MEZ: well, that was a okay movie!

    girl: yeah i enjoyed it.

    MEZ: hmm what can we do now?...

    i look from one eye to the other then down to her lips, she holds eyecontact so i lean in.

    Girl: ohummm i dont now... im going back home for summer, and i dont want to lead you on and im not that type of girl, and something about what people think.

    MEZ: your not leading me anywhere, no need to worry about that and i wont tell anybody its non of there business, i just thought we could have a good time tonight.

    girl: repeats everything else

    so i decide to try the Freeze Out, but i executed it poorly, if id managed it better i think we could have had sex:

    MEZ: look, thats fine if you dont want to, ill just put on (show she likes to watch) instead, you havent seen the latest episode right?

    Girl: yeah, but no you dont want to watch it and youll be annoyed to sit through it then i just go home..

    MEZ: nah, its cool well just watch it.

    i put on the show, and sit there, completely stopping any kino with her just a few inches from to my left, im sitting with my hands behind my head trying to look relaxed, i can see her sitting there with this kind of puppy dog/rabbit in headlights look about her but didnt give any sign for me to start the kino again. make a few mild jokes about the show but no real conversation to continue the freeze.
    program comes to an end.

    MEZ: that wasnt actually that bad! (lie, it was rubbish, about some idiotic socialites who have too much money and not enough sense)

    girl: see! i told you blah blah show.

    continue to talk about the show as i stand up and clear things away, id basically come up blank as to what to try next so i decided to cut my losses and just not be outcome dependent and make it no big deal that she didn't want to have sex.
    take her to door and make some more small talk, as she leaves she goes down two steps, comes back up one gives me the puppy dog look again and says "bye, i had a good night" giving me a firm hug. i say "yeah it was good, cya round "

    And that my friends was tonight failure, though i failed to score i feel like i learned a fair bit more and that being rejected didnt actually hurt my ego at all, in some weird way i feel kinda good that i wasnt to bothered about the failure. though any advice as to how i could have done better is greatly appreciated.

    this is also my first FR so i hope it wasn't to bad a read!

    TL;DR girl came over, lone movie night, escalated kino, started positive but still struck out.
    "The best is yet to come, and babe wont that be fine." - Sinatra

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    Default Re: Failed F close, so close yet so far.

    I can't harp on you too much MEZ for trying because you did pretty good getting her over with some teasing and so forth. So good field report I learned a lot from it and it reminded me of some of the things I think about and some pre-concieved notions I have. Basically I always thought once you get a girl over you are golden and 100% going to score, this however was a fresh reminder never to get too ahead of yourself.

    Also the fact that she showed up makes no sense why she didn't want to sleep with you in my mind I was totally lead to believe she did want you. Well here's your first problem, the setting.

    Don't know if that setting was the best idea mate. I mean her motivation to come over was free food and free entertainment. You should have teased her with bringing you Alcohol (If 21) if not you could have teased her to bring you a muffin instead of investing all that effort in her. But instead you invested a lot in her to come over, maybe this is why she was turned off? I don't know. But the one time I was seduced by a One Night Stand was with a bottle. Just keep that in mind mate. Let me give you an example I am going to ask this HB8 this weekend if she has any Alcohol and to make me dinner since I want her to invest rather than me investing way too much into her.

    But this chick wasn't really invested. My suggestion for next time is to ask her to bring Alcohol and that will mean at least she will be at least investing in you which will make you feel less AFC.

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