This is kind of a late post but I figured i would share it for some of the guys that think that driving a nice car is the only way to get laidwith an HB7-8. Ok so I drive a 1995 Ford Windstar(Its a van). I met this girl online and was texting her for like a week. One Friday night a few weeks ago she texted me a random text -
Her- You should take me van camping
Me- Tonight?
Her- Yeah
Me- I don't really have that much gas and don't get paid until next week.
Her- I got paid today. I'll give you gas money.
Me- I'll have to see. Give me a little bit.

I texted her back saying it was cool and to text me her address. She did. I got there we ended up going to Dave and Busters (An arcade/bar) and she paid. After that we went to some park in the town she lives in and were talking in the front seat of my van. I said "Well I am going to lay down in the back seat." (I have a recliner as one of my seats in the back. Lol. Ballin I know.) She climbs back after she finishes her cigarette and sits in the seat beside the recliner and lays it back. I lean over and said "I'm glad I came out here. I had a good time." and then kiss her. As soon as I pull away she says "I'm not having sex with you tonight." I replied "Ok... Who said we were going to do that?" She said "I just wanted to let you know that I don't do that on the first date." As I said "Ok that's cool" I grab her arm and pull her on top of me. We start making out and within 10 minutes I am stripping her down.

Moral to this story? No matter what you drive or what things you own, or even no matter what she says - It is always on. Until she gives you a serious No I don't want to do this. then it is game on. Just remember there is a line between pushing through her resistance and rape. Lol. Please don't cross it. Hope this changes a few false beliefs out there.