Ok so, went out and sarged solo tonight, decided instead of going to the loud club for ladies night (I sort of bitched out, I am not a club guy at all) to go to a great bar I found recently. Its where I am the most comfortable alone, I have met a few regulars there and the bar tenders sort of know me now so I can usually find someone to talk to and build some social proof. The bar is also right next to the club so I figured I could warm up at the bar and if there were no sets there I could move to the club. There is usually only a few sets so there isn't always a lot of opportunity but like I said, I am comfortable there and I think that is something valuable to have for a newbie like myself. Anyway, I tried my opener coach or louie on this HB8 next to me at the bar while I was ordering my drink (she had a big purse on the bar, so it was a great situational opener) then did my routine about buying my sister a nice b-day gift since her bf broke up with her and went for her best friend which transitioned into the whole is it ok to date your friends ex thing. Then at that point just natural conversation (threw in some light negs).

I also used Kino's excuse as to why I was alone at the bar and it worked awesome, props man lol, she thought it was funny and also thought it was impressive that I still stayed out alone. She was there with some friends so occasionally she stopped talking to me and talked to her friends who were next to her. I restrained my AFC self from reinitiating the convo and just kept her to the side of me, drank my drink and acted like I didn't care if I talked to her anymore, and also put some pauses into my conversations (thank you mystery) to see if she would try to talk to me again and give me any IOIs, she did several times. I had some kino in there touching her shoulder and arm a few times and then she mid convo moved with her friends (not far away but far enough that I was thinking I might actually have to go approach her again if I wanted to talk to her again.) Again I restrained my afc and sure enough about 10-15 minutes later, she came back to say bye and that it was nice meeting me so I was like well maybe I will see you again and all and then I decided fark it go for the number, she smiled looked at her friend and her friend was smiling and said she should so at that point I sensed she was a little reluctant so I handed her my phone and she put her number in. I decided to go for some more kino and went for the hug which she was alright with and they left. Overall I thought I did really well, I for once did not get nervous during the conversation and remembered to inject some of my routine, kino, and just not being an afc and being patient. I was so close to not going out tonight either, I had to force myself out and totally worth it. Baby steps haha slowly getting better.

Something that I have noticed is a bit of a problem for me though is that after I have a successful approach/set I will be like okay I did good that's enough for me tonight. As I was leaving the bar shortly after I saw a nice 3 set but in my head I was like I did good enough for tonight, I don't need to approach again, so I need to get better with that and keep forcing myself. Any advice, tips, words of encouragement lol are greatly appreciated. It was really cool to see some of the stuff I have read about on here work in practice. I only made one approach but the whole convo from start to finish with a few breaks here and there lasted the entire time I was at the bar, she was a pretty cool girl and I have to say I was really enjoying talking to her.