This has actually happened to me twice, the most recent just the other night.

Bar scene, within my normal territory, lots of people dancing. I entered the room about a half hour after the band was supposed to start, ordered a beer, staked out a promising spot....body language good (feet spread apart, shoulders back, smiling)....

I was approached within 30 seconds by a woman wearing a long sun dress, and from what I could tell, nothing else. She introduced herself, and asked me if I wanted to dance, I said "sure"...

Within the length of the first song, she was rubbing all over me, going up the ladder, and trying to keep from falling out of her dress, if you know what I mean. I had a moment to assess the situation: She was "mature", which I suppose put her in a good target age, since I am too, showing some effects of gravity, but slender and athletic, and evidently DTF. I'd say she would not have been a target normally, but as a "target of opportunity" I'd have gone along with it.

The song ended, she gave me a hug and ran her hands down my shoulders, and asked "do you want my number?" I reached for my cellphone to give it to her, and at this moment, a big guy appeared, took her by the hand, directly out the door, and that was the last I saw of her. Number Close, sort of, the elapsed time in the place was about 4 minutes.

The previous situation was New Year's Eve... basically the same thing happened....

The first, and most obvious guess is that I was being conveniently used to make a political statement to her husband or boyfriend. The second is that in both of these incidents, the targets were loaded and were obviously crazy.

The positive I took from it was that my packaging seems to be pretty good. Good to know that I can walk into a room full of people, and be picked out of a crowd like that, even if the chick is wasted.... in fact, especially if the chick is wasted because if they are "going after it", some of the other ladies in the room are "thinking it"...and they're just a bit more inhibited.

The big negative is that I am pretty sure it screwed up the game for the rest of the night. As the saying says, "they see you before you see them" and I think this display probably was the center of attention in the room at the moment, and scared off some potential targets, not to mention throwing me off the game.

I'd be interested in seeing some comments from the all stars on this one.