So here's the deal I went out and got rocked the other night. This is for my latest field report. Wow the Club finally wasn't dead for once. Would have been my 5th time in a row but the Club was packed out and HB's were crawling everywhere. I love it when it's like this.

There were so many HB's I saw sets when I was already in other sets LOL. But either way here's what happened. Did about 3 good sets but talked to lots and lots of girls in all. This is not to say I didn't have fun I had tons of fun I just need to learn to smile in the
midst of adverse circumstances. I need to learn to exude confidence. I mean I did a lot of sets but let's look at the factors here. I only tried to close 3 HB's out of 6 sets.

This is the essence of having fun to me. Not feeling like I have to close every HB makes me feel like I am playing hard to get and also screening. So it was a good old time but let's examine what happened and what went wrong. I am just going to list the sets that challenged me and that stick out in my mind.

1st set (In the Club)
Situational Indirect Opener on a 2 set
Very low effort opener pinged their emotions quick and got them totally engaged with me which surprised me a little since I wasn't expecting that since I really wasn't trying and was just warming up for my first set of the night. I had fun with this one and successfully N-closed the sister though originally I hit on the other one. It was a good old time I showed confidence, got them laughing a lot, joked about getting laid, and gave compliments in a fun way. As a side note I successfully N-closed after screening them on my 2nd approach when they were outside after they left to go dance. Non-neediness worked great! Too many IOI's to count.

2nd Set (In the Club)
Just chilling next a friend of an HB I opened before her friend opened me and got a good make out. Never tried to close her because I screened her and she wasn't up to par. She was way too into me and it really turned me off.

3rd Set (In the Club)
Just a nonchalant what's up opener and they were both speaking Russian but spoke good English.Essentially they lied to me and said they were married to each other, that they both had husbands,
etc. Never closed them because they didn't pass my screening and couldn't get them to come around after 3 approaches.

At about 12:30am I realized I hit on every girl I wanted to that was approachable since some were unapproachable or I couldn't locate earlier targets since I was talking to one girl when another girl walked by and I should have jumped on her right away since she left after that and I couldn't track her down. At this point I wanted to stay but had a good time doing street game of the main strip so I headed out. The street were vacant of any viable HB's which shocked me since I did 4 sets on the street last time. So I passed by this Bar and it was lined up way down the street. I was like this is happening let me check and see if there are any HB's well there were and I hit up an HB8 in the line and played a little hard to get.

4th Set (In the Bar)
This was the HB8 I saw from the line that I opened. I told her I would "hit on her later" and walked right past her not giving a fark. She then bumps into me on purpose and says "oops" playfully which I knew was intentional too bad I went AFC at this point and stopped trying which I should have been playing hard to get but she started feeding me IOD's because I was being too nice and not a-hole enough. Got blown out on the close.

5th Set (In the Bar)
Game winning set but an epic fail
Talked to a couple more girls after that but then noticed another HB stroll in. Now I know we talk a lot about there is no such thing as a 10 but for reference experience sake this girl was easily my perfect 10. I couldn't contain myself and didn't prethink my opener which was my first mistake. My second mistake was my opener was way too soft and I sugard coated that thing like crazy and she saw right through me. Basically I went in direct as a nice guy with an a-hole twist and it worked wonders. We started arguing like crazy and this is how I know she liked me.

I told her I like a good challenge and she challenged me said she has a fiance which I checked and no ring. I told her I didn't believe again because girls lie about this stuff all the time to get rid of me. She even admitted to lying then reverted to saying she had a BF LOL.
So I made 3 approaches on her total. My first like I said was way too soft. I wanted to tell her right away she had a nice arse but I waited and that's why I wasn't congurent and she smelled the BS from a mile away. I was getting IOI's like crazy from her and she was so mad at me after I tried to N-close her when I should have tried to F-close that.

Maybe that's why she was mad but but why would she be all butthurt if she didn't want me then why would she care that it
didn't go well? My guess is she was attracted to me trying to be an a-hole. I told her on the open I wasn't trying to be a nice guy and she asked why and I didn't answer her. But secretly I know the reason I am trying to be a nice guy with an a-hole twist is because it doesn't matter if I am a Nice Guy or an A-hole I notice results
either way what is far more important than that is the ability to calibrate, show confidence, and be congruent/Alpha Male.

So anyway as I was working on this girl I had the hots for I was totally engaged and so was she. I told her I wanted her to be my girlfriend but she ignored that completely and wouldn't let the "You have a nice arse" comment I made on the open. She said "Saying you have a nice arse is not going to work". Well guys yes it will work and I will use that line again because it got her so engaged I couldn't have even asked for more but because I wasn't properly calibrating on the comment when I opened that's why she wouldn't let it go.

So essentially it was half-hearted and she sensed that and that's why she was busting my balls but with her ice shield totally
up not playfully at all. She was yelling at me and going nuts wish I would have known how to deal with that. But essentially it
was an epic fail in which woke me the heck up to my complancency. But either way even though my opener was too soft and I
wasn't congruent on the open I still was acting very cocky and this is what kept her engaged. She gave me IOI's every few minutes but was a total snob so it's hard to say if she really liked me because she kept pushing me away but feeding me IOI's that kept me wanting to stick around.

Not sure what happened all happened very quick but she was like "This is how you talk to people?" LOL perfect opportunity to
go Alpha but again I was way to half-hearted at this point and totally lost the set and it got away from me. I failed when I tried to N-close her on the street after she came out of the bar. I could never win her over.

The Conclusion
Essentially I am going to start trying to be more congruent when I feel like acting like an a-hole. And yes I am definitely going to use the "You have a very nice arse" opener again only next time it
will come right away rather than hesitating. My hesitation is what killed that last set and my confidence. Essentially my biggest mistake here was taking it way too slow with that last set because she was pinging off every word I said and was super lightning quick
and just firing away like a loose cannon. Not sure why I never went ALPHA on her on that last set.

I mean I told her in an AFC way I wouldn't tell her I wanted her to be GF (to play the a-hole card again) when I should have played the nice guy card and said strait up I want her to be my GF since that might have flipped her emotions from super pissed off to all into me like I have done in the past.

I have flipped girls before I just couldn't flip this one. I realize now pissing girls off works terribly well since it keeps them engaged, keeps the set going well, keeps girls from walking away, etc.
Most girls just get bored and sometimes leave but this one was sticking around for the count. That perfect 10 totally gave me a run for my money.

That would have worked had I been more Alpha. I just couldn't believe my eyes and so entranced. I am glad I can so confidently approach HB's now and realize 10's are going to be mission impossible. For the record I am going to be trying to piss off HB9's and HB10's so I can flip their emotions and keep them from getting bored. Now I just need to learn to calibrate when I am playing the A-hole card and I am good to go. But the good thing is this super hard set and sequential shut down by this last HB totally got
me less needy and therefore more Alpha.

Now I am very indifferent and not sure how long it will last but I am acting very cocky with an HB I met last night and just trying to piss her off through text by calling her baby, acting like I don't care, etc. The bad thing is a lot of my openers were falling flat and I could never get on my game. Not sure what my issue was because I wasn't in a bad mood and a ton of HB's crawling everywhere just couldn't get stud mode activated. I have seen it rarely in myself but need to collect more field tested data to know where it comes from and how to control it. That's it guys have fun out there!