Whats up guys,
Its that dreaded time of the year for most university students - exam period! Everyone on campus just seems to migrate to the library where they spend the majority of their day to revise - making it a prime hunting ground for PUA's like myself.
Ive been in here for 11 hours straight, and im bored out my nut!
Ive decided to challenge myself. Im sat in the 'Quiet floor' of the library so obviously, talking excessively is frowned upon. Yet ive decided in order to entertain myself and stop myself going crazy, im going to try and game some HB's.

1st target: HB7
Not aiming too high to start off, want to get myself some momentum going. Saw this girl walking along a book isle near where i am sat, blonde average height, touch of baby fat but not overweight. I walk down the isle next to her pretending im looking for a book, then make my way round to the one she is along. Pause a couple of feet from her and look to the books where she is standing. she sees me and then the convo went as follows (bearing in mind we are almost whispering to keep quiet):
HB7: Sorry, am i in the way?
Me: No i dont think so, i cant seem to find what book im looking for.. (pause and look more closely and the books she is standing infront of) Haha nope you definitely arent in my way, these books are on english literature, im studying a proper degree (in a teasing tone, hoping she was doing english)
HB7: Oi im studying english lit and its actually a very hard degree!
Me: yeah yeah, do you know where the isle for more academically challenging courses are e.g maths? (my course)
HB7: No last i heard they threw all the maths books out because the uni didnt want to waste money on helping students doing sh1t courses, maybe check the garbage outside (laughing at herself here)

convo went on for awhile, just banter about our courses etc, bit of flirting. I ended with 'I should probably get back to work, we cant all get away with not working for our course and getting awawy with it. How about you give me your number and we can settle this arguement about which course is superior at a later date?'. Got her number then left, back down to my seat.

2nd Target: HB8
Feeling confident after my first score, i decided to up the stakes. Saw this HB8 sitting at a large desk by herself so went for it. Went to pick up a maths book from the shelf, and sat down next to her pretending to read it. Approached with the opener 'I dont suppose you can help me, i've been in here 11 hours and my brain is going mental, are you any good at maths?'.
This got a good response and she put her pen down and stopped work to talk to me. She laughed and said she was also going a bit crazy and had only been in here for a few hours, but was terrible at maths. We chatted a bit about going out after exams were over and even played a game of hangman as i said it would help her with her studying (also doing english). After that i said i had to get back to work, and said that we'd have to have a rematch at another time when i was less tired (as i was shit at it), so if she gave me her number id let her know when i was free. She laughed and took my phone - started putting her number in then got interrupted by this guy that came over and asked what she was doing, i had noticed him looking over but didnt pay attention. He said that he was her boyfriend and started getting annoyed, they started arguing and she handed my phone back to me - numberless, so i left. Very annoying!

One success one fail. Giving myself some time to pick myself back up before i go after this HB9.5 on the table opposite to where i am. Its only a one-seated table so not sure how im going to approach yet but definitely will before the day is over!