For anyone who doesn't know...I am a god


Daygame Disaster

12 30 hit u.c. davis with intention to kill. When ever I hit game in the day my first objective is to get relaxed and open in an enviorment. I do this by finding a random chode sitting near him, ill get him in a convo and get him to start betting me money to approach girls. This strategy lines my pockets. Gives me more of an incentive to approach when im out of it and its just really fun to fuacks with peoples reality. I started getting obnoxious and rowdy. 1 for 1 bitches! 2 for 2 get some. Awwwwe 2 for 3 call an ambulance. It got to the point to where guys stopped sat down and just watched me.

1pm white knights begin warning girls bout me. Before they get to close to me. fark white knights.

1 30pm move to better area before a mob is established.

2pm talk to awesum HB9. Get all romantic and lovey dovey. She asks if I do this a lot. I say never. And I follow up with respond by telling her I'm shy and girls hate me. With the Sh1t Test passed I set up a date take her number and leave.

2 30pm I have a good momentum on my side. Got 2 more numbers and meet up wings. We start trolling. We lay down and text in the middle of a soccer field that was currently hostinf a large game. Got kicked out. Screamed at some girl. Serranded a couple with my beautful voice and thus setting the mood for sexy time. Then I saw the most addorable asian HB8. I stop her. Joke joke hug gaze into her eyes, she triangular gazes me. I go in and start making out wit her. She tells me she has a bf. I tell her I'm better. She believes me. For all of you who don't know, girls wit bfs are time bombs. When you first talk to them their buying temperature is high from your attraction, they are more emotional than logical. But after you leave the buyong temperature starts dropping. She becomes more logical, she thinks oh no I'm a slut and there's nothing worse to a girl other than death than the label slut. She can't be a slut, she refuses to accept that she cheated so she makes you the bad guy. He forced himself on me. I tried my best to get rid of him. So expect angry texts from the girl later. I knew this so I did what I saw as the best return on this subject. I must fark her now. I walkes her back to her dorm. We started making out again. She refuses to let me inside, I try building comfort. I look back on this and realize I should have just given her an excuse to let me inside like I just need to use the bathroom and I would have been in. Oh well lesson learned.

3pm start closing girls left and right. See my wings talking to some girl. I fly in grab her pick her up. Tell them we are long lost brother and sister. Pull her out of site and go in for kiss tells me she has bad breath, i say i dont give a fuack and we start making out with her. Seeded the date, got her number and left.

4pm Decide against stealing girls from wings and appologize. Then I get a text from the girl wi the bf. She tells me she will never see me again and that I'm a terrible person. I respond wit lol. Then a random number texts me saying "I don't know what your issue is but leave my sorrority alone." Lol hell no. Planning on hitting it all next week.