My boy Magic Mike had a good first run at gamming today. It was his and My first big night with dealing with our aa.
He walked up to three girls that happened to have a couple random guys in the mix and asked "Do y'all think I look like a drug dealer?" Immediately they turned away from the guys they were with and diverted their attention to Mike. The girls turned away from whoever they were with and started conversation saying "No, you don't look like a drug dealer!" After a short conversation, Mike took a girl to the dance floor and it turned into make out session. Unfortunately it was not a full close, but a second meeting is setup for tomorrow.
Sashe slayer aka andro had about the same luck. I started the night talking to some HB6 using the jealous boyfriend opener, you know... "girlfriend goes out and makes out with another girl"... She was hooked and we immediately left her. Went to the next set HB7, HB8. Talking to her, opened with "Hey you got something on your shirt" she looked, hit her nose and gave her shit about falling for it, she loved it. I did the ring gambit, and a plam read, she loved it too... Played a lot of push pull. Worked like a charm. Such as the spin gambit, the hug and push away.. When we got bored we moved on for a little while, played another girl. HB9, few negs, simple "come here" opener, ring gambit and palm cold read. She asked if i was picking her up... played that perfect, had her easy... moved on.... Saw the original girl, danced for a little while, used LoveDrops kissing gambit, had a makeout and puss rub session, she was grabbing mty dick.. it was okay. Thats all fro tonight