Let me tell you guys something. I told you guys before about how I am going to stop posting epic fail reports and dead nights. Well the night was hopping which was unusual since it's been really dead lately. Dead to me means not enough HB's and weak turn out. So anyways guys we have talked before bout my oneitis for the HB9 Bartender which you guys helped me break so I decided to never close her. I still have never closed her. Well anyway she put me in the friend zone so I get in the Club free now pretty much anytime I want. So on with the night.

The Night Begins
So anyways I go later now due to HB's not showing up till 11pm and realized recently to leave the Club around 12:30am-12:45am to go gaming at the Bar which really makes my night most times. Well not tonight and let's find out why. Hit up the Bartender as per usual on FB to get me on the list and she contacts me back letting me know she added me. Pretty sweet for a big night like this but anyway. I go in and as per usual hit up my favorite Bartender for a drink. I see this tall black haired babe behind behind the bar and thought it was her but kept walking just to make my rounds to the other bar. There she was at the other bar. So I hit her up for a drink and the usual chat as always. I let her know my wing might be coming. So I head back and start getting curious about this black haired babe but don't make a move yet. So I peruse my way over there and just nonchalantly stand by the bar to check her out. Solid HB9 a little tall but still pulling it off. So I leave and don't say anything. I go to the other bartender who was my favorite and told her there is a new bartender working to which she comments politely. So I start wondering but I was like not anxious or anything so I went back downstairs. I hung out with this guy for like 30 min waiting for my wing to come in. My wing never showed by 11:30pm so I knew he knew that was our start time so I got started. 1st set was while I was hanging out with this other guy waiting for him to come back. A couple of HB6's too young to drink. Used a situational opener based on how I was waiting for my friend. 2nd set solid HB7 smoking hot body hit her up as soon as she sat down and used a new opener. I saw her sigh so I opened her by pining her emotions saying she looked sad because she just signed. Either way I got her to start exercising in front of me.

Pumping up my state
So I did that just to play around and she took of as soon as she was done exercising to which people were asking what just happened and I explained she was just doing a commando exercise. I N-closed her later but she said she doesn't give her number out which makes it more fun which made no sense so I gave up on her. 3rd set open a HB7 near the dance floor but she lost her phone so no way to N-close shoot. So I played my previous 1st set by hitting them up again but never closing them because they didn't pass my screening. So on to the new bartender.

Attraction gone wild
Finally opened the HB9 new bartender. This is where it got crazy. As I said with the other bartender I never closed her due to having a BF and getting stiffled. So I open this girl up. Now I am a regular so I know a new face when I see one behind the bar. I opened her based on that and asked for a water just to test the waters with her. I told her "I know you are new because I know pretty much all the bartenders here." Perfect opener just killed it because I showed social proof right away. She loved this opener and pinched my chest on my open.

Going harder
Really turned on by this I come back and order a drink to see where it goes. She starts laughing like crazy, smiling, flirting essentially IOI's on every re-approach. I told her "I like you so much right now" on a re-approach to which she craked up laughing. It just felt so congruent it kills me ie I was saying what I wanted not giving a fark about qualifying myself or caring if she liked me ie outcome independent. This worked wonders and you'll see why. So I hit her up again and again I was just not getting enough of this chick. She pinches me again when we started talking about shots man my state just kept going and going. So I attempt to qualify her and say "I never treat the other bartender this good and she gets me in free." She was like that's because you have a crush on me I bust up laughing and just look away.

Creating Chemistry
This girl won't IOD me so I go a little harder to try to create chemistry and get a vibe going. Worked beautifully and here's what I said on a re-approach "This is going to sound really scandalous but I think I am going to switch to you now" as she said before this she would start putting me on her list. Then when I said that she said after pinching me "I want to tickle you right now." This was right after she wrote some guy's number down to which I tried to dhv since I knew she was probably playing the jealousy card on me. But it didn't even pahse me right when she got his number I was back on her just like before.

Closing out the night
I was planning on hitting up the bar right around 12:30-12:45 like I said till I met this girl. But like I just pointed out on here a few days ago I am focusing more on cultivating things with women longer. So I stuck around, had a blast, got her info, hitting her up tomorrow, and now going to go to her as my new bartender. This is in spite of the fact I have this other thing with the other bartender who we held hands for the longest time ever. So the new HB9 bartender told me me to tell her when I leave which is something I lost with the HB9 Cocktail Waitress so I had to stay. I closed her properly to which went smoothly and she ran Kino on my close to which she hugged me, yelled in a hot voice about being friends, and all this stuff.

So I stuck around because if I hadn't I would have regretted it. Going for the Day 2 tomorrow and so glad I closed her the night I met her to which she received thankfully. So happy with myself since I was going to wait 8 months to close the other one and closed this one instantly.