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Thread: BLOWN OUT!!!

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    Default BLOWN OUT!!!

    Wow - I got blown out pretty bad last night...

    Was out sarging by myself and ended up getting blown out repeatedly. Did some pua routines, and threw in some false time contraints - but I think the venue was too small and too loud for what I was doing.

    The thing is, I don't care that much. Now that I am into being a pick up artist, I have a new sense of confidence and I am removed from the results. It is rather freeing.

    Here is what I am working on:

    neg in a teasing way and be more playful
    My body language is decent, might improve some but I need to smile and rock my body a bit more.
    Continue to work on Kino, it is much better... but it could improve some.
    Approach Anxiety is almos zero, it is great. Need to maintain that.

    Glad to make progress... will continue.

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    rdc Guest


    Don't let it get ya down man. I got blown out by HB 6 on the bus the other day, a f'ckn 6! To ease my pride, I've just assumed she was a dyke... lol

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    Sir Cedric Guest


    If I get blown out of a whole club what I do is say fuck it I got to another club or I get a little tipsy and hollar at the same woman cause there all differnt when your drunk lol

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    LUcky_strike Guest


    Just remember that she is not rejecting you as a person since she doesn't know you at all... she is just rejecting your execusion.


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