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    Thumbs down Can't last long enough

    Hi guys, pick up is really hard for me! I'm used to having a natural ability at things, however picking up a woman, talking to her, flirting, kissing, sex, it all comes to me at once. It freaks me out, and I stiffen up!
    Every time I'm in the field I'm constantly realizing my state decreasing, and each woman encountered anywhere I instantly get nervous. Even times when I'm given ioi's from a distance, I get excited and either look like a fool, or get stiff and blow it.

    I'm going to stay positive about it and hope for the best next time

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    Default Re: Can't last long enough

    As long as you keep making approaches and then calibrating later where you went wrong you will do well. Then tweak you game for the next day and keep making approaches. Humans learn from trial and error.

    When you go talk to a set have a minimum time limit in mind. Then try to prolong talking to each set as long as possible. Add only 1 new thing to your game every week. Why only 1? It takes time to practice what you have learned into the actual field experience. Trying too much too soon will deflate you.

    Think of it this way, a guy doesn't bench press 250 lbs the first day he goes into the gym. The game is the same way. You build up to it by progressively overloading incrementally. You don't go from lifting 80 lbs and trying to copy another guy in the gym by suddenly trying 250 lbs.

    Like the gym the more often you go to the gym and more often you make approaches you body/brain adapts to that. You can build on things each time you try.

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