Hi guys!
Got a little story to tell, had a great time overall so not fussed at all about the failure.
Basically was about to get drinks and kind of queue jumped for fun as you do and managed to get served straight away. So the girl next to me got slightly pissed off, let's call her 1HB but drinks were cheap so bought 4, I've taken one and poured the rest into one glass and told her to down it as a compensation of the queue jump. She didn't down it obviously but we started talking. Her mate turned up 2HB with a guy a minute later. I think she was more into me than 1HB, but anyway we had fun joked and laughed. 2HB seemed like wanting us to get together which kind of put the pressure on us... A minute later they went somewhere and I went back to my mates. Later she turns up without me noticing and pokes my back. I turn around and then she grabs my hand and takes me to where 2HB is dancing with the guy. They starting to kiss, we're dancing I'm kinoing and looking into her eyes there was the Tension building up but I've said something like you've got nice hair and earrings and I think it killed it a bit as then like a total AFC stroked her hair touched her face with my hand and went for the kclose but she moved back.. Later same thing happened basically failed again And after that it was basically over. Later saw her kissing with some bloke, which 2HB didn't seem to happy about but I couldn't care less as I had an amazing time the whole night.

Ok, i kind of know where I've farked up but if you could guys give some advice just to check if I'm thinking right that be great. Also does any of you have some sort of tips for pick up on the floor? I get lots of eye contacts on the floor as I'm very sociable and dance with everybody and have fun with everybody and getting the sad dancers to cheer up by doing some crazy moves, but I often feel like if I'm about to come up to a girl I need to say something to her and I can't figure this out. Like what do you say to a HB on the floor where the music is sometimes disturbing and she doesn't really want to go somewhere quieter..