So my wing and I went to a bar that was pretty hoppin'. He's a little better looking but I'm fearless, so I was opening groups with women left and right. The set in question was an HB9 Puerto Rican with two mediocre friends, one decent (Friend 1), the other not so much.
I approach, and the first open that comes to mind is Style's silly little "What are the five oceans?" bit. Well, it worked. I negged her as per the course, and my wing turned from another set and started chatting. Here's where things went to sh*t.
The less attractive of the two friends happened to have his mother's name. Having had pounded some shots, he naturally blurted this out to her (neg much?) All in good fun, right? Meanwhile, I'd had a few drinks myself, and the HB9 was on me, ioi's out the roof. We were touching and whispering and it had only been five minutes, so I wasn't paying a damned bit of attention to the least attractive friend. I was already thinking of kiss game.
On a high note, I pull my wing out and say we're gonna get a drink, we'll meet 'em outside. Four or five minutes later, we do.
The energy is completely different. Less attractive friend has a murderous glare, and she is closing off the group. HB9 then tells me that friend 1 is her girlfriend. I know it's lost, but I'm pissed. So I tell her that my wing is my boyfriend. We exchange a few pleasantries. But Wing isn't done either!
I hear him say, "You're not the only one who speaks Spanish..." I don't know how he led into it. But as it happens, I'm a white ass gringo who speaks fluent, native sounding Spanish. So I do. Better than she could. I then tell her so in Spanish, and ask her what she's gonna do about it. She's speechless.
We walk away.
It's not over yet!!!
We left to explore the other bars on the strip, and come back and hour or two later. I see a set of three at the bar and being an absent-minded, reckless dude, I walk right up and open.
Guess who?
As if a doctor had just hit my patella, I blurt out "Oh shit, you guys again!" in the most disgusted tone imaginable. LOL. We're still laughing about this.

Moral of the story: Don't get excited and let a friend become a cockblock Extraordinaire. Send her some attention too!