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Thread: day went from bad to good, interesting story

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    Default day went from bad to good, interesting story

    well first off id like to say that my game hasn't been particularly good for awhile now, and idk if my mood has been effecting my game or if its vice versa,

    i got out of a relationship about a month ago and havent been able to f close in awhile and very few success with women in general like i said earlier

    well awhile ago this girl that i know we will call her 'sara' who i had actually had a threesome with another girl has been hitting me up, well i had been getting alot of ioi's from this girl but got blown off today out of nowhere and i had plans to pull some great game

    well this other girl whove i've talked to on and off has a bf but she has sent me pictures even still awhile ago and our last fb conversation was going really well until the last message she sent me "ive been lying to you this whole time just to make you like me then to let you down, because you deserve it" which made me feel terrible, well she hit me back today and said she had to say that to cover her tracks and what not, got some more pictures too

    just goes to show you, cant always get what you want, but sometimes you can get what you need
    fortune favors the bold

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    Default Re: day went from bad to good, interesting story

    This, I never got this with women. Why do they do this? They purposely cheat on their BF's in Clubs, Bars and completely lead you on but if you even try to pull a stunt on them you are an a-hole. They purposely appear totally single then out of the blue are like "I have a BF" I had this girl literally have her friend sh!t test me and say "She has a BF" as I N-closed her after a hard set and was like "Well girls ditch their BF's for me all the time." Which was only partially true but worked. The Bartenders lead me on, the Club Chicks and Bar Chicks lead me on about not having BF's then when I screw up or they get sick of me out comes the BF card.

    Like why would the Cocktail Waitress try to hook up with me one night and the next day say "I have a BF, what are you talking about?" Because I screwed up and didn't hook up with her the night she hit on me. Like I never act this shady in relationships, like I said before hot women love playing the field and their BF is non-existent till you screw up unless they bring it up right away then I am always screwed with no way to recover from such a huge IOD. But when they lead me on I can tease them on it and I get farther and farther. Harder to get them this way but hot women are hard to get in general. I'm kinda of lost you said it went from bad to good but can't tell what you meant exactly.

    I mean when I am in a relationship I ain't out leading a bunch of chicks on just pretty content if I could get a GF. I think women will always be like this mostly. But when you are in a relationship a chick will dump you or put you in the dog house for talking to other chicks ore befriending them unless their is a very good level of understanding on her part. A girl showed up at my house uninvited because she drove me home once and showed up when my ex-gf got there and then my GF dumped me because I didn't tell every chick I spent a tiny shred of time with in my past or current that "I have a GF" so she said I was a bad BF and dumped me because she thought I was cheating but I never cheated on her. Like what I am supposed to do call my GF and say "Hey a girl drove me home one time what if she shows up at my house?" But if I called her and said "Hey a girl is coming over" oh dude would I would be so dumped. Yet my GF's invite all these guys over that are just "friends" and act like everything is okay but the minute I am hanging out with another chick, talking to her, or she comes over to my house "I am cheating" but for her it's okay. Such a double standard.

    You sound like a pretty decent swinger right now to have all these chicks in your social circle. You sound like you may be in a bit of a hot streak to me, maybe you are in your prime? Who knows. Either way I went to Red Robin one time on my B-day and the minute I walk in there is this chick checking me out hard and wouldn't stop staring with her BF right there! So I went over to my table she now starts staring again across the room completely ignoring the BF. She makes her BF leave the restaurant and sits there waiting while staring at me hard. I was barely even talking and arguing with my friend, WTF? I knew she wanted me to approach her but didn't because I was so upset about this argument I was having. So essentially what I learned is chicks will ditch their BF's for me that's why I tell girls that now. Basically it was the perfect approach and she totally set that up, shouldn't they leave together, WTF? Like let's take for instance my high school sweetheart who turned me down 3 times then went out with me 2 years later who we went to a House Party and sitting outside when my GF was inside and some girl comes up as I was sitting on a chair kneels down puts her arms on my knees and starts looking at me intensely and talking I thought was just being friendly. My GF comes out and is totally pissed off and says "we're leaving". When we got in the car she was like "Why were you talking to her, she wanted to have sex with you!" I didn't get dumped for that but still there is such a double standard here because my GF's totally pull this jazz on me and for them it's okay but for me it's because they think I am a bad BF.

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