Hi, I introduced myself recently in the new members forum ( I cant link to it because of my lack of posts)

If you read my comments in there about pick up at 36+ you may get a little insight into the prologue of this field report.

I had watched the Stealth Attraction videos, and pumped myself up for a night on the town. I have two kids and my ex wife works unusual shifts, I take the kids when she works nights, so I cant always get weekends which is pretty sucky when you're in a small city that doesnt have a dancefloor going on Monday-Thursday. This Saturday night however, was my first real opportunity to put my new knowledge into play.

Now I had a close friend, an AFC (like me at the time I guess) who I wanted to wing with me so I tried to pump him up for the night. We live in opposite apartments, so I ensured there was alcohol in the fridge, both apartments were immaculate, and the wing was aware of the game I wanted to play. Everything was ready to go.

Except for my AFC friend, I think his mind was blown by my strategy and he chickened out. He knew he would have to approach girls that night and just disappeared in a cloud of aa, leaving me to sarge alone.

Fortunately, I discovered that a different friend of mine was going to be the DJ at one of the local bars with a dancefloor, so I asked him if I could help him get his equipment into the bar. This way I arrived at the bar with the DJ as his assistant, increasing my value.

I helped carry the equipment up the stairs and got acknowledged by all the doormen and staff and even got a free drink from the bar. Perfect.

Problem was that, once the DJ was up and running, I was at a loose end. I was desperate not to DLV so I scoped out the bar, never staying in one place for too long. At one point I nearly walked into an extremely hot chick and she started to scowl so I did my smile and stepped back to let her by. (Ive been told since that my smile is a weapon of mass destruction). Her expression changed from annoyance to one of delight in a heartbeat. I gave her a wink and then went about my business.

The hot chick went back to her friends and I think she pointed me out to them, putting my value up a little bit more. My confidence levels were climbing now and I could feel it all coming together.

Next thing I noticed was another HB at the bar paying for her drinks with a debit card. She had stepped a little behind the bar in order to use the debit machine, which gave me a great idea.

I walked right up to her as she was 'just' behind the bar and opened like this.

pagan: "Excuse me, do you take credit card?"
HB : "Oh sorry, I dont work here."
pagan: "really? you should. You'd make a lot of tips"
HB : (giggles)
pagan: Do you know if they take credit card?
HB : Sorry I dont know. Im pretty sure they do though.
pagan: Just out of interest, where DO you work? Im sure Ive seen you around before.

and this began a brief conversation, which ended when she returned to her friends at the dancefloor. I briefly noticed I was being pointed out again. More value. So I bought my DJ friend a drink (even though he gets them free) and walked across the dancefloor to give it to him. He started to tell me that I didnt need to do that, and I just nodded and grinned as he spoke. Nobody could hear the conversation anyway, but my friend was validating me all over the place. He called over the waitress to tell him I get a free drink to replace the one I bought him. Keeping me up there a little while more, in full view of all the girls on the dancefloor.

Im getting more than a few IOI's now and I'm thinking 'is this "stealth" stuff really working? wow.'

At this time I noticed two beautiful girls, who had been dancing on the floor together, stepping outside for a smoke. So I followed them. Unfortunately, by the time I got out, some dude was already in there trying to chat em up. So here's what I did.

I walked past them, so that the dude had his back to me. I walked by, turned to look at the back of his head so that the girls could see and gave a mocking 'yeah, right.' kind of grin. Then wandered over to the furthest spot from him and checked my cellphone.

after a minute I glanced back. The hottest of the pair was glancing over at me and then suddenly I heard the least hot one tell the dude.
"actually, were on a lesbian date, so sorry..."
So I glance over at the hotter one and throw back my head as if Im laughing and then flash her a wicked grin. She grins back and I see something in her eyes. I am still very proud of this NVO.

So I go back into the bar, and all of a sudden I get the sense I'm
DLV. I havent been in the bar for ten minutes but something feels different. I start losing confidence (remember this was my first night out.) So I see some AFC standing around with a drink in one hand and obviously DLV. I approach him, slap him on the back and say 'What is your name dude? I see you around here a bit and Im sure weve been introduced.'

So the AFC starts telling me his life story, he's getting animated and Im just standing there nodding and letting the dude validate me until the two lesbians are ready to go smoke again. I ask the AFC if he smokes, he does, so I say lets go smoke and we follow the girls out about a minute or two later.

As we get outside, I overhear the hot one talking about the name of the bar, so I go over and just beam at them and start talking about the origins of the name. (appearing educated is always DHV)

OK, I have an advantage. I live in Canada but Im from England and have a reasonably well spoken english accent. The girls fricking love it. The hot one immediately stops talking to her 'date' and begins quietly telling me that this lesbian girl she met on Plenty Of Fish is way too aggressive for her. She curses too much and she's pushy.

Aggressive lesbian doesnt hear, she is talking politely to the AFC so I just chuckle and say "Yes I saw her on the dance floor thrusting her crotch at you like she has a penis or something" This cause the hot one to double over laughing. I follow up by addressing both girls

"Hey girls, I saw you kicking it on the floor, you want to tear it up some?"

The hot one is like "yeah lets do it." So AFC and aggressive lesbian are paired off and Im dancing with the hot one. hahaha

AFC cant dance, he's terrible, and aggressive lesbian is getting pissed off that the hot one is paying me more attention than her. Aggressive lesbian is weird, she starts randomly grinding people, and me as well. The whole time she is doing this Im looking at the hot one with a look of amusement on my face.

I start using Richard La Ruina's tuition. Im using kino on the hot one every time I lean in to talk to her. Touching her shoulder and her hip.

The aggressive one is getting more and more annoyed now. She storms off to the washroom, signalling the hot one to go with her. The hot one gives me something of hers to hold onto until she gets back.
She comes back alone, looking a bit distressed.

pagan: Are you ok?
hot one: yeah, I think Ive upset my date.
pagan: you want to get the fark out of here?
hot one: what about your friend?
pagan: I know him less than I know you. I just gave him a cigarette.
hot one: really? I thought you were buddies.
pagan: nah, lets go, I know a great place around the corner.

And that was it. We left the bar and she stumbled a bit, so I gave her my arm and walked her into the 'great place' which was in fact the bar I regularly go to and I already have good value in. (I dont pick up there because I believe you shouldn't sh1t where you eat)

Anyway, at 'my bar' I order two rye and cokes and she's doing kino on me while I'm waiting to pay! I subtly reciprocate and she is all over me. She leans over the bar and calls for 'two orgasms!' which is a shot Id never tried before.

hot one: have you ever had an orgasm?
pagan: more than I can count, but Im good for a few more

Now Im aware it could just go wrong so Im trying to remember the stealth attraction stuff.

pagan: What do you like to eat?
hot one: I like Indian food.
pagan: awesome, we'll go to the bombay restaurant one night soon they serve the best Indian in town.
hot one: Oh I love it there! That would be awesome.

Anyway, we have our 'orgasms' and our drinks and I tell her, "you know my apartment is just across the street and I have some wine, let's go back and share, its a really cool apartment.

No problem. Im just amazed at how simple this was.

Until we get home that is, when she sits down and within a minute, she passes out.

That's it. Over. there's obviously going to be no f-close tonight. (anybody who thinks there should have been needs to reevaluate)

So I do the noble sh1t. I cover her with a blanket, leave her some water and some peanut butter toast and fall asleep in the opposite chair. I also write her a note, urging her not to disappear if she wakes up before I do.

When she wakes up at like 6am, I hear her sharp intake of breath and I wake up too. She looks at me and says "Oh my god, you're handsome and you have nice shoes!" (tip: girls love shoes)

Then she sees that I'd covered her and left her the water and toast and she's just amazed that I didn't take advantage of her.

"Oh my god, what am I doing getting drunk and going to some strange guys house? thankyou for not being a sh1t. you could have been you know."

"No I couldn't. Did you have a good night?"

Sorry if this is anti-climactic but seriously. f-closing once she was sober and aware of her own decisions, was not a problem at all, but its another story altogether.

This was my first real success picking up a girl in a bar in my life and I am very proud of it. Since that night I have had superpowers.

The moral of this story is. Always respect, negs aren't always necessary and NEVER f-close a girl who is unable to decide for herself, you'll be rewarded better for your nobility when she can.