So this is more of a date report than it is field report. Met this Australian girl online who was in town. Before we even met she told me she was feeling under the weather (the cycle of life) so I had low expectations. The boring part here is that I pretty much just led her around the city and she was super responsive to all humor and any kinoing (at one point I threw a dodge ball at her, though she seemingly ignored it..which probably meant I wasnt throwing hard enough )

The highlight of this report is the close (which I guess is always the highlight). I get her back to my place, it is late afternoon and me being a college student living at home in the summer, my sister is home and my parents are home imminently (by far the weakest point in my game is logistics, it's absurd). So she is sitting on my bed. I try to get her to lay down next to me but she wants to sit up because she things it will help her stomach pain (Doctor anyone?)

She starts talking about how she is tired and wants to take a shower and go to sleep. I tell her she can do all of those things here. As she sits back up I kind of position my head so I am laying on her lap and playfully shut my eyes. After a few minutes she starts slapping me.

HB: Wake up sleepy head it's time to go
Me: Nope
HB: (still slapping me) Come on wake up
Me: No I'm like a princess in that movie (which I forgot, it's sleeping beauty)
HB: Really, it's like that
Me: Yep

And Boom we have a k close. I didnt even pick my head up.

Then I woke up the next morning and was sick, probably from the k close. FML. But still worth it