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    Default Happy canada day! --Got called out on being a "player" LMR

    Sorry this is a little sloppy.

    I was suppose to go out to a party with HB8 that im not quite friends with but were not friends with benefits with (recovering from the friend zone?). I knew it would flop but she was down to pre game at my place anyways so why not. I had 6 beers in 3hrs ( takes me about 12 in 2hrs to get drunk). Ill try n be short on the details but we were at my house for an hour before being on my bed for 2hrs just talking n playing drinking games until she took her shirt off then put a sweater over, in front of me. After about 5min of me calling myself a pussy for not making a move after a huge ioi i went for it. After making out for 10min she easily let me take the hoodie off but later had a hard time taking off the bra but i did it but couldnt get past fingering her, she shut me down 3 times after about 10 seconds, first from back (not a good idea if ur arms to short haha) others from front. Even though her belt buckle and zipper with down. I didnt wanna force anything. She kept saying things like i gotta get up for work early tmmrw (true), oh youre a player, how many girls have been in this bed (seriously not to many..its a new bed) i CANT do anything else i responded "cant? or dont want to?" she just said cant. I kept saying a player is a guy that lies to girls and im not like that and i only hookup with girls i have a connection with (true) random or not. I even froze her out to check my phone twice said i had to get up early ect i pulled it of a little nervous cause i knew i was doing strait text book stuff.
    So do you guys think she wouldnt go further cause she just wants to be friends? or doesnt want to seem like a slut n hookup right away?(hooked up with her 3 times furthest ive got) It doesnt seem like the best option but im debating on strait up asking her. *edit* Didnt seem like it from what she was saying but maybe shes on her period?

    *Outside after i walked her out
    HB:why are u huging me with one arm?
    *her head was in my chest
    me: cause its easier to kiss this way but ur heads turned so doesnt seem like u want to
    hb: oh awkward..
    *turns head we kiss, i pull away, she starts to walk away
    *playfully hit her
    me:later pal..
    *she turns back looks a little shocked, i turn walk inside
    later i texted her telling her to text me when she got home, she did, said good night.

    If anyone has some advice i could give more info.

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    Default Re: Happy canada day! --Got called out on being a "player" LMR

    Don't worry, you did a good job man. Probably a bit too stressed, but it happened, and you play your part.

    You got her in your bed, made out, and got her bra off, so no, she probably doesn't "just want to be friends" haha

    She might have had her periods, or just your escalation was not good enough

    A good thing to do when you can't escalate anymore on her, is to have HER escalate on YOU. Specifically, take her hand and put it on your d1ck (even on top of your pants if you haven't removed them yet - though you should have, she's more comfortable if you're as stripped as her). Most girls just stroke it, it gets them excited and more open. And, you know, it feels good
    Seduction is a martial art. Reading books and talking to experts is important, and helpful. But you won't progress unless you go out there and fight.

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