I know I know more Night Game right? Not again well again guys moving in with Parents in a month so enjoy it while you can may hardly if ever see many more of these. So what happened? Well something happened obviously since I won't report on deadbeat nights, or low turnouts. So anyways as I just mentioned in the "How to approach" section I am going into these things when I want to and make Pick Up apart of my lifestyle not a glorified hobby. I was making it a hobby and it was getting time consuming and boring thus causing my burnout. So I got invited by an old target's BF on FB to a Club and he got me on the list. So I had instant dhv going into this.

GoGo Audition Night
This was a PUA's paradise or was it? All the dancers were fenced I'm blocked by security guards and if I started approaching a lot of them instant grounds for being kicked out of the Club. I read about this stuff where people got kicked out the Mall for scenes like this so I obviously did nothing, the smart thing to do.
Saw a 3 set of GoGo girls head upstairs to the VIP area and didn't want to get blasted about them being there for the audition and blah blah blah. So like I said choose your battles wisely.

Head downstairs to sit down as not finding any viable targets. Sit down see a HB behind me and turn around again. Move over to the open bench next to her solid 8. Low level 8 but still rocking. Open her on my first impression. Neg her. "Hey you look bored" from across the table I stated she looked flattered and started getting chatty Cathy on me. This felt congruent by the way since it was actually how I felt. She's chatting away so I move over and sit down next to her. Definitely a cougar but super hot mind you. Talking about her kids and Goth music and blah blah blah. To myself I was like no way I can close her now, no attraction even built yet.

Ran a mini-bounce routine on her and didn't think it would fly with her. Well it did and she gave me her compliance. I said "Hey going upstairs for a cigarette want to join me?" We went. Sat down upstairs felt great mini-bouncing an HB8 to the Rooftop where it was quiet and peaceful and I could run my game on her. Hit her up with a flirty neg. She was talking about being immature for being old and I said "you're super hot for being older" "Older?" She said I was like "You're the one who said it". Sh!t test passed with ease. She never sh!t tested me the rest of the night. Again like I said in the approach section when you get in the zone (fun zone) you will pass sh!t tests more easily as you are not solely there to pick up women but enjoy yourself. I N-Closed her then and there and made a statement about a false time constraint (seeing my friend play true story), while running a DHV on her telling her he got me in.
Said we should go to the bar see you at 12.

Head back down there at 12 still there. Go up sit down wait for her to finish as don't want to kill the mood. She comes over to our spot asks me about my friend playing said it was great loved it. We go to the Bar oh snap I meant the Bar down the road not the bar here. Oh well too much confusion she didn't understand I was trying to bounce her out of the Club. Didn't explain what I meant just walked back to our spot said I didn't want a drink right now but later. Let the confusion just be. That was my pull technique, get her to the other Bar out of the Club then crash at her place that was my plan. Shoot couldn't pull had to act quick. Said "hey going to Independance Day Weekend Arts Festival tomorrow you should go." She said "call me". I said "I'll text you" I hate calling cuz they never answer IMO. But I get an answer to my texts. So pretty much set up a timebridge with her to my original day game spot. Can't decide if I want the Day 2 and possible lay or the chance to run some game on other broads. Oh well guess that's a good problem to have. Here's the kicker she said her kids are gone all weekend and dropped that hint right as I was leaving so nice subtle little IOI there sounds like she wants to hook up. Like I said a lifestyle not a hobby. Spend more time cultivating these things. Just one set all night but like I been saying quality over quantity. Happy hunting!