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Thread: F-close after month without contact

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    Default F-close after month without contact

    Fellow (aspiring) PUA's

    So this happened to me last year..

    I was at this party at my friends house, and one of the girls there was obviously a lot hotter than the rest of the girls, she was a HB8 and the other girls were more like war pigs.. The problem with this obviously was that she felt like a HB10 or even a HB11 in this situation. The other guys also weren't very being very helpful constantly hitting on her like the total AFC's they were because this was only strengthening the frame of her being the absolute prize in the room...

    When the opportunity arose i decided to go for it and to treat her like a HB10 and come in with a couple of NEG's. So I said hi and told her she looked like a PEN 15 member, when she waid 'what?!' I told her about this secret club called PEN 15 and asked her if she wanted to join, when she agreed I took out my pen and wrote on her arm 'PEN15', she was half angry half surprised thad I had managed to write 'penis' on her arm.. (thanks to Style for this wonderful NEG)

    After a bit of shooting sh1t I told her had to go to the toilet, when I came back I wiped my hands in her arm and face telling her 'sorry, I just hate it when I pee all over my hands...' (credits for this NEG have to go to mystery I believe). Note that I obviously didn't pee over my hands, I just didn't dry them on the towel, I used her for that.

    After this I left with my wing knowing we would meet them again at the club. When we did I waited until the HB reinitiated the conversation with me, after that we were making out within five minutes. The night ended with her stealing my pen and writing her phone number rather large on my arm..

    After a couple of text messages back and forth she said something I could take als being offensive and i told her 'fuck you', her reply to this was 'I'll hold you to it'

    When I ran into her in the club a more than a month after this text (we stopped texting after that last text), we picked up right where we left off last time. We were making out within a couple of minutes and stayed until all her friends had left (my wing also discretely left the venue).

    After this she asked me if I wanted to go to an after party at her home, I told her 'No, but I would like something to drink'. When we arrived at her place we sat on her bed and I did what she expected of me...

    Please feel free to comment!


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    Default Re: F-close after month without contact

    Lol well.... Way to play the medium game?? She must've really been into you. Great story
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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