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    Default Rooster's Sexploits .V

    This nite was after a week of no approach why. Cause I was working day in and out preppimg myself to move to land of everything big....texas. Anyways to say the least I started off slower than usual but against all odds I pulled out one farking good night to leave the city of sac on.

    Shitty Club For A Manwhoring Sud

    10pm: Enter into glitter infested, herpies encrusted streets of kstreet. The gay capital of central california and on the right night of some serious hotties too. Tonight was not the right night. Uglies everywhere that needed blasting and I was just the right person to do it.

    10 30pm: Finally park and meet up with my wing harryrat. A god in his own right and a massive pimp. As we walk I see a 2 set. Both fuckable. In gay voice* OH My God...IM am So straight. Put my arm over the girls shoulders. Are you really? Stupid girl inquires. Look her in the eyes and in a deep voice i say, "no I'm gay." With that said I pick up her friend and start walking away. As I walk with her romantically in my arms. I seed the date. Our first date in a dark bring the clorophorm. She giggles uncontrollably. Cockblocking friend leaps at me with more grace then someone of her girth should be able to posses and steals her from her own salvation....poor girl.

    11pm: Meet up with two more puas. Still in there infancy of game but fun as fark. We enter a notorious gay club. The place SUUUUUUX. So many cockblocking gay guys i thought id go cross eyed. But I didn't know why. Well the number one reason was there was no where else and this was the best I could get. But there was another under lying reason. I saw this place as a challenge. This place was my white whale and me a harpoon wielding bafoon, looking to put this puppy down like the sick dog it was.

    11 30pm: I troll some girls and guys alike in the sitting area. I have fun doing this until I find the empty canvas of a dance floor. Bass pounding, dj going to town and no one on the dance floor. People stood on the wall, sat at tables but no one on the dance floor. Me and my team hit the dance floor. I'm an enigma, a beam of dancing light. I'm torque on some girls, scream obsenities at people and just follow the vibe. Soon people start joining. Then more join and we had a popping dance floor. Your welcome headhunters. I grab a black chick grinds me, she does this till it becomes boring and I throw her back to her friends.

    Then I see a large group of non lesbian girls and I move in for the kill. You want a tip for good dance game. Use physical Push Pull. Push her away pull her back in. Look away as if bored then pierce her soul with your eye contact. What accured next I had no control over. What one of my wings later described to me as a tip toe magnetic slide. Like I was gliding. I went into the girl pushed her slid away, slid back grabbed her hand pulled her from her friends span her and pulled her in to torque on me. Could I reproduce this move ever again....probably not. but ill tell you this it was on between me and the girl.

    12 to 1am: I Isolate makeout session. Pulls me back to her friends. Harryrat takes one of the girls for himself. We go into the bar where we pillow fight with the girls for a bit. Then we pull them from the club. My girl says shes fucked 34 guys and all she wants is sex. Dont believe either of those statements. Ill tell you why in a sec.

    1 30am: I pull her to my car with some b.s. about carpooling and saving gas. Instead of getting sexually charged like the type of girl that has the sex drive to fuck that many guys she gets lovey dovey. Which is the way a girl without much experience with guys gets when she is advancing quickely towards sex. Let me some up the idea. Girl with 1-3 sexual partners in her life correlate sex with love. A girl with 20+ are a harder breed of girl and usually take a long time to bring into a loving caring relationship. This girl was ready to bf now. And was starting to get the same thought that all girls get when they want you to stay. I'm going to make him wait for sex so he respects me and doesn't skip out on me as soon as he gets it.

    I prep her so as to get this thought from her head. I hate it when girls with hold sex from a guy, just to keep him around. Its super insecure and the dudes gonna leave anyways the second he gets it so why with hold it. Girl agrees with me and says it's stupid. I hold back a vilionious cackle that threatens to spill out of me.

    2am: she gave me the worst blow job ever. Like sticking my dick in a cheese grater. Further solidfying the belief she's sexually inexperienced, so I stop her there and decide to get to the buisy. I fuck her and never talk to her again. THE END
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: Rooster's Sexploits .V

    *slow clap*

    *applause gradually picks up*

    *the band starts jammin on their insturments*

    *everyone's on their feet clapping their heart out*

    I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this story.

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