I went down to the local bar tonight with a buddy of mine for the first time in about two years. A small town (3,500 people) gives way to a familiar crowd time and time again so I typically try to stay away from this bar. However, upon walking in we striked up a conversation with a few people we knew, a couple of them happened to be people who work in another office building of the same company as me. One of them was quite intoxicated and seemed eager to talk about their job. As he babbled on, he was leaning in heavily, bumping into me and consistently hitting his hands on mine has he talked. The lady standing next to him, aiding in his conversation, would rub my arm or touch my hand as she chimed in with what he had to say. I hadn't entirely noticed it at first but as this was going on I remained steady where I stood. I think a natural reaction in this situation is to back up a little and allow the two a little more space to operate with their hands. However, I didn't move, at all. In fact, with each little bump I strengthened eye contact and leaned forward, trying to take up a little more space. I also kept my hands at belly level, didn't tuck them down in my pockets or put them up high for defense. Listening intently, I asked a question or chimed in when the conversation prompted it but remained strong with my frame. During the middle of the conversation, as the two of them actually started adding space to my social area, the hottest girl in the place (HB9) bumped into my back. I turned to see her and her friend looking intently at me as she apologized and explained there wasn't much room to stand in the bar (there was way more than enough), a large smile spread across both faces. Her and her friend both faced me directly and opened up completely waiting for me to initiate. This was my fark up. I smiled and said they were fine and then turned back to my current conversation. It wasn't until I had started talking again to the original two that I realized the girls were looking to initiate conversation with me. This opportunity won't pass me again, that I can guarantee, but it was a testament to what strong, grounded body language can do in terms of attraction.