Two weeks back I went drinking with HB6.

Before she arrived I approached 2-set: HB9 23 years old and HB8 24 years old. I N-closed HB9. 10 minutes after that HB6 finally came and her friend asked me if HB6 could sleep at my house that night. "Of course "

We went to dancefloor, I grabbed her and danced little bit, after while I went and made 2 tease kisses (where you go close to her mouth but back off) and pulled her back and kissed. Night went on and we hold hands for couple hours.

3am and me and my friend, HB6 and her friend went back to apartment (we all live at same flat). HB6 and I continued to my apartment. Inside lift I lifted her up (like in my profile pic lol) and kissed all 5 floors until somebody ordered lift back at ground floor

When we were at my place I just said "lets watch some movie", we put movie on, I rolled my sofa bed and we both started laying there. I hold her in my arms and after while lifted her on top of me. I took her shirt off and I undressed her and myself and picked up condom. I started fingering her and we continued kissing. After while she said "don´t" I proceeded anyways. I took my d and tried to find hole but I guess I was so drunk and this being my first time I couldnt find it lol. I asked her to guide it in but she didnt. I went on fingering her and she said "no dont really!"......"are you gonna be really mad if we dont do it today?" "no, if you really dont want to". Then we started laying there naked and after while she went to the bathroom. I said "I respect you if you really cant do it today" and she replied "thank you ". And we went to sleep.

At morning we watched tv, kissed many times, I was playful with her and we went to her friend from where she left and i said my weekend was busy but lets do something on monday.

I seriously thought it was some real thing, maybe that time of month or some other bullshit but now when I have read all these things from online that sounds LMR too. I´m not sure if we had enough comfort or chemistry between us or something. Do you thing this is LMR????