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    Suave01 Guest

    Cool 1st Sarge, 1st n-close. Need tips though..

    I know its long, but give me 5 minutes, thanks.

    Today I had my first sarge experience ever. I just finished readin "the game". I got into it bc i needed a way to get over my ex. "Best cure for one-itis is to get with a dozen girls".

    Heres my backround: No im not a virgin, no i dont have trouble with women, but i do have trouble approaching and getting them to take intrest at first meet/hitting on them. Once a conversation starts, I'm golden. But that's all it is, a conversation. not a pick-up.

    So heres how it started:
    I went to my college library to study, no peacok, sweats and my usual man-jewelry[rings bracelet and necklace]. I did my work, and an asian girl walked up to the computer infront of me. I'm pretty sure she did a double take, not sure. So i knew i had to say something to her. Yes i voilated the 3 sec rule by like 20 min.

    I Opened with
    ME:"hey" kinda soft "I need your opinion on something, which would you prefer, car or motorcycle?"
    HB7: "Car"
    She kinda expected it to end then I gave her my speech story[i'm doing a persuasive about which is better] Went on that for what seemed like forever. I asked her which car would she choose?[i think that was bad?]
    I had trouble weaving with what to say so I just asked if she was stuying, she said pshychology and sociology. I said i was doing the same and intorduced the cube bc i 'had read it in my sociology book' then sat down.She started small talk after the sociology and ask bout my major. I did the cube but then I didnt know what to do after I tell her about herself?

    I also tried to do the 1-10 and ill gues your number, which I failed. But she had a thick accent which I thnk is why I did fail because she thought about it and then said go, it wasn’t on my cue.
    Then I said I have to go do my hw now bc I ran out of thngs to say…I was still nervous and trying to stick to the script, not having a conversation.
    ME: "id love to continue our convo is there a way I can do that?” she again looked at me with a blank face as though processing what i had said
    HB7: "sure" I had a paper for the ‘book I was looking for’ and gave her that. I waited. She never said who she was, so..
    ME: "I'm Suave by the way"
    HB7: I'm, Jenny"
    And walked away.

    What do you do while shes writing her number down?
    How do I weave in routines with 'my game'[conversation]?
    Did I talk to much?
    Should I have asked what was her major first?
    What about Kino? Should i have gone into it?
    Anything else you would recomend?
    What not to do? What to do next time?

    Anything really [that helps].
    Thanks again everyone!
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    Mystery_wannabe Guest


    College library is a school environment and this is happening during the day. You need to play the day game instead of sticking to scripts. Kino would be way too much if you did right off the bat. There are not many routines to the day game. You can open following the routine but then you have to quickly switch out of topic opener and start to ask her questions to find a common topic that you guys can build rapport on. Kino is then built after if comfort levels are high enough.

    When I first started (As seen on early posts of "Day Game. Blanked out." thread), I started throwing in mystery's tactics and I came crashing like no tomorrow. If you want to read up a book for day game, "Conquer your college" is a good one I'd recommend. I'm about to get that book too =)
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    Lol, Mystery_Wannabe, you're learning!

    Not to toot my own horn, but I would definitely read through the thread that Mystery_wannabe mentioned. It will cover a lot of the questions you asked, and a lot of the reasons why the Mystery Method and Neil Strauss aren't generally the best approach for day game in school environments. In fact, you will find that both methods are somewhat looked down upon by many in this forum. I tend to view them as very helpful, but more on a theory basis, then a practical guide to pick up women, in a normal day setting. Particularly, they are good for understanding the basics of attraction, and emotional progression. However their tactics are crude in a none club environment.

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