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    Default SSDD My night out and thoughts

    Okay I went out first time this month. I was kind of nervous entering club cause my friend flaked me and I had to call my bro to pick me up from my place. He went drinking with his friends and I followed him for while.

    What happened
    After entering club I immediately saw girl friend of mine who I met couple months ago and her blonde friend. I mingled between my brother and those girls. After half hour I went to look for blonde girl for change to isolate her but then she came across with me and she was with (not-so-close) friend of mine and I followed them for while and then left them with some other friend of theirs.

    My girl friend introduced me to her friends (about 8 of them HB6-8) on dancefloor. Immediately after that friend of my bro came there really drunk and started rubbing all of the girls and bump into everyone. Everyone spread and friend of my brother grabbed HB8 with him. Thats 2 of best girls taken :/

    My first approach
    I went to table with HB5 and HB8 who both were 18 years old blondes. I introduced myself and asked if the place is free. We kept fun theme but I didnt use any canned stuff, just did some negs and dlvs with their age and stuff. More we talked I realized how immature they were and it was really hard to keep conversation with them. I tried to ask their number to see them again if I happen to lost them. They werent too keen to give it so I just said that I can get drinks with them. One of my friend came to chat to my table for while, after that we left to smoke (I dont do it myself). After while they had to leave for toilet and I went too.

    Second approach
    When I walked I saw two dark haired girls (sisters: HB7 26 years old, HB9 19 years old) looking at me and talking something. I just turned and introduced myself (I have to get real opener soon). Answer was "espanola". They could speak some English (not my native language) and HB7 knew some words in my language. We had really fun and I decided to stick with them and I sat down.

    We talked for while about how much taller I were than them and how I look younger than my age and how retarded HB9 sounded when she talked English with spanish accent :P I saw my girl friend and we talked for while.

    I tried to isolate HB9 but her sister would have been alone so we went to smoke. HB9 was apparently studying to be teacher. Back to club and another sofa. She tried on my sweater and her sister and I agreed that now she looks retarded. I did some light kino like leg rubbing and touching hair with reason. I asked what they are going to do today and they said they are going back to their place.

    Music stopped and it was already closing time. Time passed so fast. 5 foreign guys aged 24-28 came in and started asking about how old I am and stuff like that and tried to break my frame but I pretended that I couldnt talk English. I said "lets leave" and we left. I asked how they are going to get home and HB7 said shes gonna drive (I dont know how much she drinked). I asked if they could throw me to my place and they did. That was probably last time I saw them. Now that I think of it I should have tried to N-close HB9 but I just though language barrier were too big.

    -I need to operate before 1am. Im better with more sober girls. I hate dancefloor game.
    -I need to work out my opener.
    -I need to work out my N-close.
    -I need to work out my F-close lol.
    -Im going to prefer 20+ aged girls from now, Im becoming tired with immature ones. (Im 22 but everybody seems to say that I look younger, kind of One Direction guy like with better looking hair lol).

    +Its really easy to do approaches for me now. Maybe I should try day game too.
    +I had bunch of social proof when I knew lot of people there.
    +I could be really good kisser if I could get to that point.

    I have HB 9.5 Day 3 ahead and I could contact HB6 again but Im not sure if I want to start LTR with her.

    Keep on rockin and sarging guys!
    Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not
    understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded.
    But trust me, in 20 years youll look back at photos of yourself and
    recall in a way you cant grasp now how much possibility lay before
    you and how fabulous you really looked.

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    Default Re: SSDD My night out and thoughts

    Looking Young:
    Experiment with faical hair. Carving your beard and mustache in the right way can add 8 years to your appearance.

    If she's the right one - meaning you've tried lots of chicks and this one seems right - then go for it!

    Yeah, do daygame, it makes a HUGE difference. It basically means you take a few hours out of your day and get about half-a-dozen phone numbers.
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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