Why do people always call me Jack? Like just joking around about getting jacked at the Club with some guy and he called me "Jack". Then some guy this weekend on my way to a show said "What's up Jack?" "Here for the show?" *sigh* Oh well that's besides the point guess that's my new nickname.

So had an epic crazy weekend of pick up and knowing mytrack record not really much to report other than I conquered my aa but I was so burnt out by the end I wanted to collapse and give up on gaming girls! But uh I guess life must go on. All in all a pretty crummy weekend aside from spending too much money. Not a lot of hot girls like I was expecting hence my frustration and indifference. Did about 7 sets in all but never backed down once. This was from 4 spots and normally I can do 3-5 sets in a good spot. 1 Daygame local and 3 Nightgame locals. No targets in Daygame local but almost opened a 2 set but too young for me to feel any inclination. So I was getting too dependant on the hot girls being there to get a good hot girl vibe going for myself. One thing lead to another so I went to the bar and literally NO targets. All HB6's there literally no 7's. Distraught by this I hung around for a little bit just to se what would happen. Well eventually my luck did turn around but not how I was expecting. My standards are high so I get all fired up when an HB8 walks in. So I was just waiting for a target to show up and got approached by an HB6 3 set. She started picking me up, asked for a cigg but hung around and I let her open me. Here's how it went down.

ME (not in state, pissed no hot girls, wanting to leave but waiting till 12:45)
HB6: Hey can I bum a smoke?
ME: Sure
HB6: (After getting cigg and lighting up) What's your name?
ME: Ja, Ja, Jack. (Not real name but my nickname for privacy)
HB6: You kinda hesitated there.
ME: No I had something in my throat.
ME: Are u having a good night?
HB6: Yes
HB6: Are u having a good night?
ME: Me could be better, haven't talked to any girls yet. (felt no attraction)
HB6: Problem solved.
ME: I know (feeling attraction)
HB6: Do u come her a lot? (so cliche for us guys lol)
ME: 3 times favorite place though.
After a little Kino short banter N-closed in like 4-5 minutes fastest N-close ever.

I leave feeling good. All in all the highlight of my weekend that kickstarted a slight boost in confidence. I went and did a cold approach on a HB6 I didn't like and got shut down within 5 seconds. But that was my first time actually talking to someone and not simply being attracted to them physically but mentally.

Walk around and 2 HB7's won't stop smiling at me, saying hi to me, and looking behind at me even stopping in front of me to check me out. I knew this was gold. But again this was a second set that approached me since they hit on me first and wouldn't have noticed them otherwise.

HB7: Hi
HB7 #2: Hi
ME: Are u leaving?
HB7: Are u? (grabs my arm boom went from me feeling no attraction for her to instant attraction. She pinged m, hey that's my move! lol)
ME: I'm leaving if you're leaving (smooth move trust me this girl was trying to pull and would have went flat if we stayed since it was already on and mini-bouncing can go stale quickly)
HB7: Then we're leaving.
ME: I'm going to over there.
HB7: I'm going to XXX.
ME: Can I join you? (still smooth)
HB7: Yes.
(Friends are with and literally 2 other girls and 1 guy but they are letting this all go down perfectly and me and the target are leading the entire party. Almost didn't notice them until....

HB7 walks across the street and I chase after her. Friend #1 non-hot Asian runs across yelling "Amber, Amber! Where are u going?!" short distance behind me. I got her name and lost track of thought. She stopped at the corner and after 1 minute of her friend talking her out of the corner and her friends yelling from across the street we go back. I lose the set HB7 friend #2 sabotages the set and I walk away destroyed. The sad part was not getting cockblocked it was again as I have said on here before "It's not the fear of rejection but the fear of regret." So the rejection didn't hurt that bad as I had already lost attraction at this point but I realized after the fact I earlier while outside the bar standing on the street while we were deliberating what do next pointed to the bar across the street and said I was going there. I realize now the target ran across the street for and met me half way but never explained what we were doing next. This was my chance to sabotage the cockblocking friends and say "screw the friends let's go to this bar." Isolate then easy F-close after that but I royally screwed up due to inaction and AFC validation happy mindset.

So I guess all in all it was a good challenge that actually worked for me that got girls approaching mr. But by the end I was so worn out ready to quit. Switching back to my normal routines now. Learned a lot hope to have another field report soon but going to try and get a Day 2 with this HB6 that approached me likely this weekend and not really go out to sarge just take a quick break maybe. I may go out and sarge though if she flakes on me though.