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Thread: Flaky girl gets takeaway...

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    Default Flaky girl gets takeaway...

    A week ago sat night I went to a closing down party for a bar. It was very cool. They had closed off the street and had DJ and really cool music. Was dancing and this girl caught my eye. She was behind me and had her back to me. I moved over to her and ran my hands down her side as I moved in. Then backed off. she did a quick turn and looked me up and down. I just smiled and then carried on dancing with my friends.

    A few minutes later walked backwards until my back touched hers. she turned and I turned. we were dancing together. I took both her hands and spun her. danced with her a little more. Then pulled her in and pushed her away and then pulled her in again. Carried on dancing. It was cold and she was wearing a scarf. I took hold of the scarf and held it tight. we danced some more than pushed her away and pulled her in. danced some more than I dipped her.

    From than i knew it was "game" on. We spent the whole evening together kissing, drinking, joking and having awesome time. I got a bit cheeky. Asked her what her best sexual etc. I was being very direct now. I asked her if she was wet. she said no but that her lips were swollen. that was close to the end of the night and we were one of the few left. By the end of the night her drunk brother was starting to muscle in and it was late. This wasn't going to get any further that night. I took out my phone and got her to punch her number in.

    whatsapped on mon and set up date for thurs. In between we whatsapped quite a bit. Thurs night comes and she cancelled last minute saying mother had arranged big family dinner yadda yadda. Didn't over react here. said sounds like fun have good eve. she apologised and said she def wants to meet up on weekend. flirted a bit on whatsapp ended conversation and then I started the Takeaway. I went with some buddies to a dam for the weekend. no contact by me on fri and sat. this after texting everyday from mon to thur. Had awesome time at the dam. Sat night we went to a local dive and partied. At 11pm, she whatsapped me asking where I was. Little more of a takeaway and then replied at 12:30. "Out at the dam with buddies. we went away for weekend." takeaway again. Last night whatsapped me again - arranged the date for tonight. Let's see if she flakes :-P


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    Default Re: Flaky girl gets takeaway...

    Very nice. I doubt she will flake. I like doing this myself just to emphasize non-neediness and to give her something to chase a bit. You got this.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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