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Thread: Failed to F-Close/ A Reminder That Everyone Sucks Sometimes

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    Default Failed to F-Close/ A Reminder That Everyone Sucks Sometimes

    Hey, hi, how ya durrin'|?! Urbancowboy is back in the building! Now, I know that many of you who are just starting out may be getting discouraged. I know that before I started getting laid, coming here could sometimes be more discouraging to my attempts at pussy than just sitting around my house. I've been doing a lot better lately but I wanted to regale you with a tail of f@cking up a surefire f-close:

    So, I met this girl online...pretty standard HB7.5 but I had a thing for her personality. We had been texting for like a week and met up briefly the night before just so that we could F2F (face-to-face) and get that outta the way. The next day was Friday but she said she had plans so I just went to bed around 11 because I had a long week. I woke up to call from her around 3, telling me she was at a local pool hall and telling me she wanted to see me, if I wanted to meet her out. I told her I would splash some water on my face and meet her in like half an hour. So far, so good. I took a couple deep breaths, put on cologne, deodorant, found some clothes and got going. I called her when I got there to ask if there was a cover because I had no cash. She answered but couldn't hear me so I just walked in and she was waiting right at the door for me, so I hugged her and then she said to me "I'm drunk already", grabbed me and we started making out. We only stopped after a while when one of the bouncers subtly told us that he was gonna throw us out if we didn't stop, or at least move out of the doorway. She introduced me to the friends she was out with and I acted like a nice guy and joked around with them. She eventually wandered off to dance with some other guys and get them to buy her some free drinks. Many of you may not know this about me but I made my bones in the clubbing scene in downtown Miami, filled with gutter skanks, gold diggers who can't cut it on South Beach and past their prime dreamkillers. This was way before I got into PUA but the protocol for hanging out at a club with a girl like this when you know you're taking her home is always the same: ignore her, talk to her friends, buy yourself a few beers to sip on and don't embarrass yourself. Don't ask me why it works, it just does. Actually, the guys buying her drinks are usually doing you a favor without realizing it because she's probably already made up her mind that she's going home with you tonight...they set her up and you get to knock her down with less LMR (NOTE: I am not advocating sex with a woman who isn't 100% conscious and capable of consenting. If anything, I am one of the most hardline people on here about getting a 100% verbal YES from a woman before any kind of intercourse, if only to protect yourself from a long prison sentence). I was getting bored and frankly, I had better things to do than talk to her friends so around 5 AM, I tell her I'm gonna get going because I'm just gonna go home to change real quick and then hit the gym as soon as it opens...but then she says to me "Noooo, don't go." I tell her I'll hang out a little longer, but really, I knew the eventual outcome of the night. She starts giving me shots guys are buying her that she's too drunk to still be drinking and closes out her tab, finally around 6. The problem is that her friend says she's too drunk to drive and won't give her they keys to her car. I tell her friend I'll take they keys, take her back to place for a few hours and then we'll get some food so she can sober up before she drives. This compromise works for everyone so we leave. We get in my car and head off. Now, I used to be a pretty heavy drinker. The amount of alcohol I had tonight has not impaired me. But I'm tired and in a rush and anxious so when she told me how to get to her house, everything she said was totally lost on me because I already had it in my mind that we were going back to my place. We start arguing and she wants to go back to the bar. As we're arguing, I don't notice the red light that intersects with the hi-way off-ramp and we come within seconds of a collision with an industrial van. Thankfully, he was paying more attention than I was and slammed on his brakes, sparing us. At this point, she's flipping out and just wants to go back to the bar to get her car. We fought some more but for purposes of this forum, all you need to know is that I went home alone that night. And that's the story of how I ruined a surefire f-close because I couldn't keep a cool head. Out of the 6 girls I was with the past couple months, this is the first time this has happened. But it just goes to show you, everyone sucks sometimes so don't get discouraged...learn from your mistakes and move past them.

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    Default Re: Failed to F-Close/ A Reminder That Everyone Sucks Sometimes

    Thanks for the input. I'm glad to hear you're safe though brother. A true pua can always spot and admit his flaws, and then overcome.

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    Default Re: Failed to F-Close/ A Reminder That Everyone Sucks Sometimes

    I've been in similar situations before. I try to limit situations where I have to hang out with "her freinds". When I do, I always feel like the tool left to make small talk and "wait" on my girl. In this case, I would have avoided the whole night altogether and said "let's hang out tomorrow" if she called me at 3 am. That would give me power in several ways:

    1. Would not make it seem like I will just get up and go anytime she calls. Girls are on MY schedule, not vice versa.
    2. Makes her want me more because she can't see me that night.
    3. Checks her ego.
    4. I would have gotten a good night's sleep.
    5. When I do hang out with her, I'll be in game mode to either F-close her, OR be patient and put her in the lineup.

    Just my 2 cents. Every guy has had nights like this and it's a great learning lesson.

    Thanks for posting your story and play on player!

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