This was my last night of going out before I am moving back in at home (will be going out less frequently for Night Game like once a month or less) and glad to report it was a smashing success. I just couldn't do no wrong. I know a lot of guys on here act like it's easy to get laid but for me trust me it's not. That would bump me up to 95 sets so far and that would be my 75th of this year. I was just on it but the night started really weak. Just went in with low expectations because I have been having mixed results at this spot. So I went to my favorite bar a high end bar mind you, and been having trouble there but girls been approaching me there. Did my 2nd pull there so definitely happy about that but onto the night.

Setting the Bar
Didn't think I could pull it off just felt off. So I saw several girls I wanted to open but my rule is not to start before 11pm so I followed my rule and it actually worked in my favor. I wanted to open an HB8 I saw entering the bar from earlier but feeling kinda in a funk so I started on the HB6 since I was feeling weak. This "warm up" set actually got me in a good mood since I didn't feel like approaching and even though I got the validation from her I didn't want her. I NEGGed her hard though said at one point "Let me be honest why are hot chicks so shallow?" The HB6 said because they have those high heels on. Successfully N-closed the HB6 after about a 10 minute warm up set of her responding to my NEG by calling herself "Ugly" so way to dhv.

Opening up the Night
Had some rough nights lately just read my last FR. Had two girls approach me and did 7 sets in all but overall wasn't feeling it, like approaching that's why I allowed the HB's to approach me. Towards the end I was so burnt out I stopped closing and was just screwing around and not getting anywhere. Well this time after I got my state up by doing a warm up set with the HB6 in the Bar I approached an HB9 and motioned and said like "Looking good!" motioning to her tattoo and she just walked away. Darn got blown out, two choices leave the Bar feeling like dirt OR keep pluggin away. I chose to stick with it and keep plugging away ignoring the previous blow out.

Didn't think I would have any luck with any women feeling any attraction for me but I just rolled with it and dealt with my frustrations and expressed them through playful subtext. Walked around checking the venue and noticed the upstairs was so crowded it was hard to get around up there and even though I met 2 HB10's up there before I decided to just stick around the places in the venue I could actually get around to. So I was perusing my way in the lower floor area looking for a potential set and let me tell you my mindset. I was pre-thinking "Bring it girl, what do you got, etc" based on my previous blow outs and being upset by that. So I just used that fuel going in. Then saw my next set an HB9 and it went like this....

(Keep in mind I am just paraphrasing the convo as the convo's carried longer with more stuff just giving the highlights)
SET# 3
ME: Alright what do you got girl bring it? I just thought you looked like a snob but I could be wrong.
ME: Let's do this
HB9: What did you call me, what did you just say?
ME: I said what do you got, let's do this.
HB9: I thought you said my name.
ME: No I don't know you, I just said what do you got bring it.
HB9: Oh I thought you called me Brittany.
ME: No what's your name?
HB9: Amber (Don't like that name *sigh*but oh well)
I grabbed her hand at this point to shake her hand but dragged it and extended it way out just pulling her arm out. Like massive kino. I also grabbed her waist on the open. This was a successful kino ping, watch
HB9: You're a mess.
Me: No I am a hot mess, see my bracelet(says Hot Mess)
Either way this carried for a minute then successully N-closed #2. Then I went upstairs texted her real quick since I felt like doing it and went back downstairs to tell her something. As I walk back down I see her phone up reading my text laughing with the friends (no cockblocks).
ME: Holla back girl.
HB9 follows my kino lead from earlier and as I grabbed her waist and then her hand she playfully swats me! Bangarang! I leave the set.

SET #4
Just highlighting the sets that went well here. So I finally opened the HB8 I saw enter, then chilling at a table all night in front of me and kept seeing her but never opened her due to low state and wanting quality over quantity. *Sigh* Why do I always have to feel like "screw it" to approach women?

ME: Come on bring it, so I thought you looked interesting so I just wanted to see if I was wrong.
ME: What do you got to bring to the table?
HB8: Bring what, do what, bring what to the table?
ME: Come on you have been getting hit on all night what's up.
HB8: No I am a go to girl for 3 couples and brought them here.
ME: Well I thought you looked interesting but prove me wrong.
HB8: Well I have been wrong before haha
Me: Come on now you are playing me good now.
ME: See I was right.
ME: I have been waiting to talk to you all night.
HB8: Wha?
ME: I was waiting for the right moment, I didn't want to go in weak.
HB8: Haha go in weak.
After more banter another successful N-close.

Then at this point I was pinging girls like crazy so I literally opened another HB8 (set #5) who I just saw her taking a picture with a friend. I opened her by asking to take a picture with her (I know right?). She asked to send it to me and got the nearly easiest N-close ever since she sent me the photo with her number attached and barely exchanged but a few words. 4th successful at thus point I was feeling so PUA just made my exit and left the building at about 1AM.

So I have tried pulls before but hooking up for me is to difficult for SNL game so I am sticking to the plan of getting girl's numbers because it is what works for me. Then in phase 2 going on dates and hoping evenutally one day they invite me over like girls used to do so I can go for the lay. I am not PUA enough to do SNL game so I am sticking to what works for me which is N-closing, then texting, then dates, then hopefully hooking up under the guise of some sort of "relationship". So either I felt like I took two steps back last weekend and no way to recover and no way to go forward as I felt like quiting the game and no way to game girls anymore as they were boring so I am glad I had fun again and thought outside the box. As you can see my openers I challenged them hardcore and was like "Bring it, what do you got, let's do this." As this was how I was feeling lately like getting shunned for doing nothing. So I went into these sets harcore on the girls who are hardcore and it payed off. Never got 4 numbers in one night and from just one Bar too.

6 Sets but didn't close all of them but of the 4 I did close I closed successfully. 100% success rate tonight, wow! Now I don't care abotu the aftermath because of how well I did in approaching girls almost like I took two steps back and 1 step forward, nice. I don't care about the outcome or even what happens after because you know what? I Have 5 girls to talk to tomorrow! It's going to be crazy! Like I said I have a women right now I am leading on and because we didn't make it exclusive yet PU has taught me not to get oneitis or go exclusive with a girl till she is CHASING ME and I am waiting for my woman to do that which she is starting to and said she wants to talk this weekend and agreed to see me in a couple of weeks (which we both agreed to). So either way I got my hands full but I have to say that was awesome and I felt like I did a good job. I don't rely on SNL game because when I have tried it, it has gone awry and killed the set for me personally.