Following my post yesterday, figured I'd continue with what happened then.

We were at the hotel, and I was buzzed, feeling upset that I let Kirsty slip through my fingers, so went to the lobby to grab wifi and see what was going on the next night and make plans. The hotel is beautiful, on the Esplanade, overlooking the ocean. Lots of potential was in the lobby earlier that day when we checked in. I walk out of the elevator, and there isn't a soul in the place, except one girl sitting on a couch near the window reading something on a tablet.

She's beautiful! HB8.5 slender, Japanese, mid twenties with perfect skin and a body that makes eye contact difficult. My mission for wifi and a quiet ending to the evening becomes an approach, and a chance at SWEET REDEMPTION!

I sit opposite her, just far enough to not draw attention. Turn on my tablet, facebook my wing who's in the room not to come to the lobby and act stupid. He agrees. 2 minutes after sitting down I open. "Is there a way to get internet in the rooms? Mine can't connect for some reason" *friendly smile* (not the best opener, but heck I'm not sure she speaks English) She replies in pretty decent English "Yes but you have to be in such in such floor blah blah".. I immediately recognize the accent. Japanese! I'm in the money. "Japan right?" "Yea, Tokyo" (she lives forty minutes away from where we're stationed. SCORE)

We hit it off. I ask her to move to the seat next to me. She does eagerly. IOI. I tell her I'm a sailor and explain why I live in Japan. She says that she's a singer, in a humble, unexaggerated way that seems to realize I don't know Japanese music icons. She's a singer from Tokyo. Famous? This just got more interesting. I smile and tell her I can sing too. Adjusting my frame to "You're an American musician she's never heard of" frame. She demands that I sing. I said her first. She's really shy. So I give, after a neg or two about her being a chicken and unadventurous. I say I'll sing for her if she sings for me. She agrees. I sing Boyce Avenue, a cover of One Direction, a live version of a John Mayer song, and two others. Puppy dog eyes, and compliments. She scoots closer.

Her turn. She starts singing. HOLY HELL GENTS! She filled the entire lobby with her voice, the lobby dude came out to see what was going on. Her voice was flawless. She finishes. I try with all my might not to exaggerate how amazing she is. "Not bad *smile*" she laughs. Then she says the killer line. "Well I have to go back up, my boyfriend is upstairs and it's late." I offer to sing one more song. She's agrees. I wrap my arm around her, take her hand and sing into her ear. She grabs my hand. IOI. I sing one more song. Goosebumps on the back of her neck she tries to hide. I've got her.

I walk her to the elevator, the door closes. She squeezes my hand as I break the kino. Right on cue. I take her hand and turn her around so shes right in front of me, smile, and put my hand on her waist. Kiss close. AMAZING! The door opens, and I step out and smile. "Goodnight".

Ran to the room, burst the door down. "WING WE'RE GOING OUT!" he nods in terror, and we're off to a party.

We arrive and I am on another level of super confidence after kiss closing a Japanese pop star with a boyfriend. It is obviously too late to build a fuck close in the hour we have left in the night. I'm on the hunt for the hottest girl in the bar to make out with.

My wing is tired and not up for more sarging, and makes the mistake of saying I can't make out with a girl in under half an hour. Challenge. Accepted. The agreement is I have 30 minutes to pull anything over an 8 and make out with her. In front of him. Game on.

I walk in, and there are women dancing on tables, really strong bass system and the floor is literally booming from people's feet. I'm in it. Target spotted. HB9, blonde, 5'5", black dress, 3 guy friends around her. I approach, Kino test. I go to high five her, and get a tug back on my hand and a smile. That's enough for the confident version of me. I pull her in close and we dance. The guys leave me be. She whispers "I have a boyfrie--" I put my finger on her lips and smile.."Shhhhh" *devil smile* Move in to kiss close, she meets me half way. She goes crazy. Her hands are everywhere.. then I cut it short and step back. Teasing. A minute later, I take her hand and say "come with me." She follows.

I walk her out of the club to the smoke deck where wing is talking to a very unusual looking British girl twice his height. I walk right past him grinning, HB9 in tow. He has yet to finish his first cigarette. I sit her on a bench opposite him, extremely sincere phase shift, and run the cube. She eats it up. We makeout, for what must have been 20 minutes, while wingy is smoking cigarettes and staring. Her friends come out and claim her, and at this point I know she won't come home. No matter. I meet the friends and they're cool. They head out, and I spin her around and kiss her goodbye. Cab, hotel, bed, crash. 3 for 3. All way beyond my league a month ago. Massive progress.

Any thing I could have done better or did right please share. Sorry if it sounds like a bragging session, just can't help be amazed that this pickup thing is working as well as it does. Stepping up to the same night lay when we get back to Japan. Baby steps. Thanks Guys. Cheers!