Hey Fellas,

Sorry I know I said I'd find more stories for you all but I forgot my login! So I wwas scramblin to get my password back. Anyway I met an HB7 recently and finally bagged her after a day3. Let me break it down.

I was at the fair recently, anyone else go to the OC fair? ANd I was goign to buy a churro and I saw this mexican with a booty...all you a$$ guys know what I'm talking about. I usually like petite college girls since I'm still in college but this girl looked pretty fly.
Basketball shoes
Jean shorts
T sh1t showing her belly
Some crazy hair and exotic look with DSL.

So I did a little mystery method time constraint "hey I'm in a rush to meet my friend up at the churro stand over there but I just have to ask you what Jordans are those?"
HB7: These are the fire reds 5s
Kel: Those are sick. Sure beats my sandals (note to self, dont' wear sandals)
HB7: Ahh thanks. Yea sandals are for the beach haha
Kel: Yea I know but it's summer. It's too hot for shoes (neg)
HB7: pssh maybe
Kel: Do you go to the beach? I'm probably going surfing tomorrow (dhv)
HB7: noooo I have to work
Kel: Oh where do you work?
HB7: Eww I don't evenknow youuu
Kel: Fine I'm kellness (extend hand) - feel like she asked for my intro
HB7: I'm hb7 haha
Kel: so now you gonna tell me where you work?
HB7: Maybe
Kel: Maybe? What are you a tease (tobealpha game simplified)
HB7: I don't want you to stalk me
Kel: I'm not goign to stalk you. I just think you're cute (direct - game simplified) and want to get to know you
Her friends overhear: OMGGGGG yada yada I'm like fkkk fkkk fkk
HB7: You're funny I gotta go back my friends are waiting nice meeting you
Kel: Wait! Sersiouly give me your number I want to get to know you
HB7: ok here...

Then we texted a bit, I won't get into my text game it wasn;t anything special. We ended up meeting up like two days later after she told me she had the day off and we could go get some jamba juice if I wanted. I was so down bc I wanted taht booty.
We just flirted a little bit at Jamba juice in the outside area by a fountain. When she was drinking her juice I was all - damn stop sucking it up like that
And she was like what?
And I was like you know what you're doing!
And she was all ewww you're dirty.
So anyway I only got a hug but she smelled good and I feel like I could have pushed things further.
She sent me a text aftewards
HB7: Thanks for the jamba juice <sluuurp>
Kel: Dirty diry
HB7: sorry im not sorry heehee

I got so hard after that. ANd I was like damn I shoudl have escalated!!!
So I told her
Kel: We need to hang out again
HB7: Maybe
Kel: I want some slurp
Kel: How about Friday? Dave and busters?
HB7: Kk
Kel: Ok come over to my apt around 7 and we'll go?
HB7: Sounds good!! <sllurrrp>

So anyway we met up on Friday and instead of going to dave and busters I was like I got a playstaion, we can just play here if you want. She was all about it. So we played a little and sat nexts to each other. She kept losing and kept bumping into me and lookign at me so I just sorta stopped playing and looked back and her and we started makign out and hands started goign everywhere and we headed to my room and I got that booty!

I might gf this girl up. The 18 year old nevr responded to my text after I pulled her.