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    Default I Think a Neg Got Me an N-close and K-close

    I'm new on here so pardon any poor terminology (feedback is always welcome.

    I was at the weekly Bob Schneider concert at the Saxon Pub (small music venue in Austin) last night with two couple friends of mine. We are sitting at the bar and a two set stands right in front of us, an HB6 and an HB8. Right when they move in, I say "my goodness ladies, you are totally in our personal space, you better not start elbowing us." Not sure this is really a neg, but I was definitely giving them shit… We ended up chatting and bullshitting back and forth on and off during the show more with the HB6 that the HB8, but I'm not pressing very hard at all.

    At some point, I decide to move to the other side of my group and away from the ladies. As I do a couple guys just swarm on them and I'm ignoring them and making small talk with a couple of other girls (HB4s). Then out of nowhere the HB8 comes straight over to me and starts making out with me! And it was fucking awesome with teasing, lip biting, etc… Then just as fast as she came over she left, as she's leaving I ask, "how do we get in touch again?" and she tells me to come find her later. Also as she was leaving she made a comment about throwing elbows hahah!

    I ended up number closing another lady while she was getting hit on by a bunch of other guys. As we are leaving, I stop by, tell her I'm heading home and get her number… One concern is that she misspelled her name so who knows if it's actually her number…

    So a couple of questions that are sitting with me… I'm confused as to why she came over to kiss me, there was no eye contact after I left her and her friend, I spoke to her friend more than her, I got no sense that she or her friend were all that interested when we were talking, and I was talking with other ladies. I was attempting to use good body language and postures, I was focused on enjoying the concert and not getting any action, and I was acting as the social center of my group of friends.

    While it was awesome (my friends were astounded) that I got to kiss her and I got her number, I'm disappointed that I didn't get to kiss her or hang out with her through the rest of the night. I'm also perplexed a little as to how this happened and think it had more to do with dumb luck and her being wasted than anything I did. I'm hoping that since I didn't really press too hard that she gets the impression that was nothing new for me which ups my perceived value.

    Curious how others would have played it after she kissed me… Curious about where I should take things from here with her… Should I text or call and if so, when? Any advice would be awesome!

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    Default Re: I Think a Neg Got Me an N-close and K-close

    I think major thing that landed that kiss was your outer appearance ,confidence and your non-neediness. Considering she was all out with her intentions she probably just wanted drunk makeout and maybe lay, depending on level of alcohol in her blood. :PThat is heavens bless for AFC and almost too good opportunity for pua.
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    But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and
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    you and how fabulous you really looked….

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