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    ZiGzAg Guest

    Post repitition ladder

    this weekend i made out with a total of about 8-10 girls and had sex with three of them, my first time trying the repitition ladder. i approached 6 sets and got all of them won in one day. i ended up getting Isolation by grabbing the girls hands and running them to somewhere where we were alone and doing stuff with them. they quickly gave me thier numbers and tran back to thier freinds each time to tell the amazing stories. (unfortuantely one of the girls told one of the others i had kissed and things got ugly) but, the reason why i got them to kiss me and other things so instantly was because i got them to say that they wanted to do with me about three times before even trying to kiss them. and then the ones i had sex with i got them to repeat the phrase "i want to f*** you" three times each and they all three quickly got into my pants hahaha. this works almost every time with me now. (thank you style) two of the girls were models! haha try this out guys. get them to repeat what they want to do three times and itl definetely get them to lower thier guard. i really don't remember the exact words i read on the repetition ladder, but basically it just makes them stable with the thought of doing what they're going to do.
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    ragr Guest


    sry bro but you kind of need to explain it a little better. Didn't understand quite well.

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    ZiGzAg Guest


    yeah, srry for not explaining it better, i forgot all the stuff the repetition ladder ebook said (there was a lot of stuff in there)

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    Ambition Guest


    Did you ask them to repeat it three times, like in a game, or did you program the conversation so they'd say it three times?

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    I am unfamilar with the reputation ladder, but I vaguely remember reading the term. Time to go back to my pua library and see what I have from style/strauss.

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    ZiGzAg Guest


    um 1. im pretty sure it was in mystery method but quoted from style.

    2. 1 of the conversations i had i already knew what i was going to say to get her to say the things two or threee times (programed conversation) , and the other three i just improvised and got them to acidentally say the things.

    3. i used repitition ladder yesterday on the girl i want to be my girlfreind, and it worked again pretty well, not as good since ive known her for a while but, i did have the greatest sex ive ever had. (and a very bad hickey, does anyone know how to get rid of this???)

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    ZiGzAg Guest


    oh and i didnt ask them to say these things (like the game) that is a different type of repitition ladder.

    i GET them to say it and not ask them.
    thats the challenge, you dont want to sound desperate so you kind of have to be using stealth in a way.


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