Ok boys! i am no where near the PUA i want to be but i am learning last year i was too shy to talk to any girl and i am done with that! SO field report!!!!

okay this summer I got a job at a where house its a manly job but i met this guy he was a very cool guy and i saw this girl he said that he was her ex fiancÚ! i was like shes pretty cute

so time went by and he said if I wanted I cud get her number he wouldn't care! When ever she saw him in he warehouse she would cry so clearly she was still attached to him and he wud just laugh! he was dating another girl in the where house!

So!!! here what i did she was in the break room one day and she made fun of my lunch or something and with out 1 sec hesitation i said Don't be mad because you cant handle this spice! she instantly was hooked on to me when i went up to her she smiled when i looked into her eyes it looks like she wanted to kiss me right there!

So we flirted and i wud go up to her and be like so whens our first date to bdbus she wud giggle and laugh and one day i was like lets go! and she was like are you serious i said no but we can go sometime not today tho so give me your number sometime!

next thing I know she was giving me a paper with her number on it! I was like WOOOT! so one day she waited for me after work maybe 30 minutes i don't remember and she pulled up as i walked out and she was like let me give you a ride to your car i was like sure.
so she did and i cud tell she was in me and everything she treid kissing me I pulled Away so she wudnt but after that i kissed her! and i was kissing her on the neck and everything she was litterally shivering now i am not going to tell you everything but to sum it up we started dating

the first 2 weeks were great I NEVER had sex before barely kissed a grail but this girl let me experience alot of things and i know how to do them now! i broke up with her a couple days ago because we were fighting a lot and it really had to do with her she would just blow up at me when ever i wud be upset
and it clearly was because she still had feelings for her ex she excused me of cheating on her like he did and she started saying i cudnt talk to my girls that were friends she even had a problem with me texting her friend

Now i really didn't get attached because I do go to school and all this job was a summer job. but i really take break ups HORRIBLE i get crazy and i need to work on that i guess i get obbsesive?
well it turns out shes back with her ex, but i still want her back but i know its best to stop talking to her for awhile and give it time! i am sorry i am jumping everywhere i guess i just wanted to let you guys know

being cocky works it doesn't matter if your chubby or skinny i am very chubby yet i am very confident when i talk to women and she LOVED IT she said she LOVED ME before we were even dating!

it was a experience that i will never forget! i knew i shouldn't have dated her because of my new friend but he said it would be okay so i went for it
and i didn't think it wood have been so easy but it truly was. My mistakes? well i asked her out to early she pressured me into it she said i could take her top off if i asked her out! so well i asked her out =D when i broke up with her i freaked out and i freaked out that she went with her ex! i should have played her more when we first met because it was just pure fun. i need to work on being a good boyfriend i mean i did alot of things right
but i did some silly things like act jealous, i spent too much time with her and i think we just rushed into the Relationship!

I left a lot out but because I can go on we dated for a month but ya it was fun and I wont forget her I still have feelings for her, and I hope to try to talk to her again in like 2 months. She is back with her ex and that bugs me. he quit the job and moved and texted her saying where he went and apparently they hung out and bam there back he lives 2 hours away now so hopefully she wont be foolish and move to him they NEVER dated eachoither he just asked her to marry her and she said yes foolish but I guess it worked?? now I am worried if I do want her back I have feeling she would of had sex with him and get her self pregnant. She really wants to have a baby she even convinced me t have sex with her without a condom I know big mistake don't worry its taken care of! any advice would be great but I don't think its needed since I already messed up and acted crazy like I called er and said she hurt my feelings and etc stupid I know!