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    cabdragon Guest

    Default Gaming in a foreign country

    Hey guys,

    I'm really pissed off. I'm from Germany and studying abroad on an island of Portugal. The people here are totally different. Where at least in the very last months I didn't had problems with pick up, things are running different over here!!! Everything's very conservative (like meeting for a coffee, meeting for a coffee, meeting for a coffee, after you have got to know her at a disco, and maybe after the third time you can get her laid.)

    So but anyway even the approach is difficult over here. I don't really have a problem getting numbers (from collegues at university, even from the club sometimes). BUT they just don't answer. Here some examples:

    Girl 1: after having done some language exercices together I joked to her I would send her "my teacher" my homework per mail...I didn't do it of course and some days later I asked her where the next classes happen and joked about "sorry that I didn't hand in the homework yet. Hope you don't mess with me"
    >> she didn't answer (come on she is a collegue!)

    Girl 2: Met her at a university party...bla bla...dancing...not exchanging numbers...saw her 2 weeks later in the canteen again, as she returned her used dishes I said I, how've you been...short bla bla...please give me your number than we can have a coffee together...I wrote her some days later "Hey do you have a messenger like MSN?"
    >> she didn't answer at all!!

    Girl 3: I met after disco very late on the pathway ;-) we talked a lot!...exchanged numbers. few days later I wrote her: "Let's make a bet: If we meet again and you don't recognize me you owe me a bottle of wine, if I don't recognize you, I owe you a bottle of wine"
    >> she answered AFTER ONE WEEK!! (and what if both of us recognize each other?), and within 3 hours I got 4 messages of her (do you know where is the best bar in the city, without me answering - because I was at sports)

    So what's wrong here? What's the problem? And why the heck does she need one week to answer??? Come on! That's lame.

    Hope some can give me some hints I have to stay here for 4 more months and don't wanna end up with Mrs. Hands in the evenings ;-)

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    You need to be culturally sensitive. I don't know anything about your current location, but if you gut feeling is that they move slower, then slow down your game, and game more women at once. That way, you will always have someone you can hook up with.

    On a side note:
    I have several friends in India, and they all talk about how big a deal virginity til after marriage is. Like their whole family and anyone who knew them would shun them if they knew that they had sex before marriage. In that scenario, I think you could be the most amazing PUA in the world, but several hours of pleasure isn't going to be worth the rest of your life being a living hell.

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Gaming in a foreign country

    and btw to add to this, MY biggest issue with German girls is them not understanding that we are not a serious item after 1 date at a coffee shop. Germans get this idea that you re their soon to be husband after just meeting you. I think a German culture thing is to get serious fast, and maybe you are getting way to serious way to fast.

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    Default Re: Gaming in a foreign country

    Make some native friends, purely platonic male and female friends and learn from them about all of the cultural aspects which come into play when it comes to dating where you are.

    I'm pretty sure that being seen on campus with some locals enjoying your company, arriving at parties with them and maybe learning a few handy phrases will be enough social proof to open a up a whole new level of possibilities for you.
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