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    Swag Guest

    Default Rejection Opener

    Yo, i'm an aspiring to be a PUA. Here's an opener me and my fellow PUA discovered by accident because we have Approach Anxiety at the first PU. (yeah i know, what the does this kid know)
    You come to an HB and say:
    PUA: (apply false time restraint)"Hey, can you reject us/me?"

    *if she rejects you - it can break the ice of approach anxiety(they rarely reject you)
    *if no - "why? don't you wanna reject me? you must like me then"
    "oh, so you don't wanna reject me the" move on to next opener, universal opener works just fine
    *if why? - (just make up bullSh1t) like:"my horoscope says that i have to take it easy on meeting new people 'cause i met end up getting hurt, and that hasn't happened, and i've already met a lot of people, especially women"
    *if i don't know - neg her like: you must be too nice to people, what if a loser comes up to you, he can just pick you up just like that."
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    dark knight Guest


    Thats quite an interesting one.

    working up teh confidence to approach a burd can be daunting, though i read somewhere if you go in trying to get rejected, its highly likely they wont reject you.

    food for thought.

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: Rejection Opener

    I can see girls getting bored of this real soon unless you're a really charming, good-looking guy. Sorry. Happy new Year though, haha.

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: Rejection Opener

    Sometimes, we young adults tend to be very aggressive with what we are doing. We sometimes forgot to have a back up if things fucked up. Before we act, we should think first. Confidence is the key characteristic that every PUA has. So, if we want to be one, we should develop it along with the other skills.


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