I've been on something of a hiatus for the past while, but the biggest thing as of late to share is an f-close on an HB7, as the title implies. A girl recently moved back to my neighborhood after almost 10 years, was chatting with another neighbor, and saw me drive home from work. I did a courtesy wave to the latter of the two, and went about my business. The next day, HB7 added me on FB, and we started chatting. Even back when she lived in the area, we had only talked once, so, by all means, this was not a rekindling of anything. She mentioned hanging out at some point, etc.

The critical factor here is I realized I was in A3. A year ago, I would have started in A2, spent way too much time in the banter/neg phase, and either greatly prolonged closing, or would have blown myself out from being too much of an arse. In A3, I proceeded to let her win me over. Bait, hook, catch, & release. "What are three interesting things about you that I wouldn't have known up to this point?" blah blah blah "No way! That's so cool. I can't even talk to you now!" Rinse & repeat.

When it comes to text/FB/phone, I've learned a great comfort building game is "would you rather." This opens up the portal quite feasibly to any number of emotional topics. I usually start out with something about ghosts. Girls seem to love supernatural...thing s.

When we hung out, I said I had to run in the house to grab my keys, and I wanted to show her something cool. She came in my room with me. I had all of my lights on, and every place to sit, save for the bed, was neatly filled with something, so the only place she could sit was on the bed. I spent 3-5 min showing her said cool thing, grabbed my wallet, and out we went. I ran kino tests from leading her by the hand, to flicking her tongue, and picking her up. I kissed her, and pushed her away.

When we finally got back to my room, she was texting, so I decided to try a new sound byte, "Let's put the phone down. If you text again, I'm going to send you home. You're with me now, and my time is very valuable." This is one that I'm definitely going to use again.

I closed that night. As a sidebar, when we hung out with her friends, there was a textbook AMOG, and a wench of a female friend obstacle. I've learned that one of the best ways to deflect sh!t tests is, with confident body language, giving a loud cocky laugh, while tilting your head up. My voice is naturally deep and loud, anyway, and this displays a sense of wild amusement of said test. The idea being, "I'm not scared that you're challenging me, I'm not even angry--I'm wildly amused." I always think of Vegeta from Dragonball Z when I do this, silly as it may seem. This really drives home the point of self-amusement, which is an alpha quality in itself.