I work at a restaurant and one of the targets was a regular that came in about 6 months ago. Figured it was now or never to try and Number Close. Unfortunately, I was busy all day and she was sitting at the bar. However, I finally got to chat her up towards the end of the night.

As I was picking her out a bit; I figured she had a boyfriend .. or that she was married. I assume she was married at first when I asked what she did besides work. She said that she has a domestic partner that she "tends" to. Now that I think about it, I really doubt she was married. However, I still wanted to get her number in hopes that maybe we could keep in touch.

Just a weird thought. She doesn't mention BOYFRIEND. Ive never met a girl who says she's has a domestic partner. I think its odd. Why doesn't she say that she has a boyfriend that she lives with?

I still number closed just to keep in touch. I also wanted to see if she'd give me her number lol. Don't think i'll call or text her though. This girl seems happy with her "partnership".