Hi fellow PUA's both veteran and newb. I haven't posted in a very long time, but an event occurred that was so earth shaking in the way it changed my life I had to share it.

Now, back story is I am a harmonica player in a couple different bands. Sure I get access to some hotties but most of them are old cougars and such and really young, tight hot pussy was a little rare.

Well, one of my favorite things to do is play hip hop and dance music. A good harp player can do some amazing stuff with modern beats. Anyway there is a college town north of me that is consistently on Playboys list of top colleges with most beautiful women. So I worked up a totally bad ass version of Imagine Dragons song Radioactive. I tested it out at a few small local bars first and blew the roof off several spots. I was ready.

Now there is huge bar up there that hosts a huge karaoke night and it was guaranteed to be packed wall to wall with the nations hottest women. I pack one Harmonica, put on my coolest fedora and out the door I go.

I walk in the place at 9pm and its packed. Wall to wall hotties. First thing I do is get a drink, flirt with the bartender then head to DJ booth. I introduce myself and tell him I am a professional harmonica player (pfft!) and I just happened to be in town and told him what I wanted to do. Well as soon as heard it he went wild with enthusiasm for it. No doubt a change from drunks!

So I told him to put me on at 10 then went in search of a wingman or two. I found my victims at the bar, predictably alone. Young, not bad looking. AFC but who isn't at 21?

So I walk up to them, into myself as pro harp guy and tell them that I'm gonna bwlaow the roof off the place tonight and I guaranteed that I would make a rock star of any man with the balls to get up on that (BIG) stage with me. They declined. Cowards. So I found another pair of real confident dudes this time and they were down after I explained the plan to them.

So I get called up on stage and I told the dj not to mention anything about the harp just play it normal. So I go up there with these dudes and the song opens with that acoustic intro. We just stand there and the crowd is staring. I reach in my pocket and pull out my harmonica and hold it up. The whole crowd goes silent, mouths are dropping. By this time the acoustic into is fading and the drop is coming. I put the harp on the mike and put it to my lips. Boom! The drop drops and the first lick booms out. I got exactly 3 notes blown when the crowd erupted in the loudest roar I ever heard and I been in front of a few crowds. I almost dropped the harp it was so sudden. Meanwhile these two guys I "hired" were going around whipping the crowd and singing along with the chorus "Its a new day.." and so on while I blow out the melody. 3 minutes and 39 seconds later. A rock star was born.

Now I know not everybody has the balls to do something like this. I spent 2 years learning to play before doing this. But still, if you can leverage any talent towards game. Develop a talent with mass entertainment appeal. There is no faster way to social proof.