its been forever since i wrote a field report, mainly since i work more than 60 hr a week since i hit the bottom of my life financially.
working a ton of hours and trying to have a social life just plain difficult since you have to choose between sleep and having fun ,and for me the fun always won.And for the longest time i was wondering why a day couldn't be like 28 hr or something . since i kid you not the grass outside my house hasn't been cut in over 5 weeks and maybe the neighbors will get fed up, and do it for me. and i had done approaches constantly whenever i have a chance which usually was my weekends going to beaches etc..its just that it happened months ago and i have no real reason to mention those since the details faded and they did int go anywhere (mainly do to the lack of free time or money issues
so first report it July 17 Saturday Wisconsin
the reason why this date is stuck into my mind is, because the area i live celebrates 3rd Saturday of July and its the biggest fishfry or some crap in the world it's called fish day,and all the people are looking forward to that day all year long .So was I.
So me and my buddy from Lithuania that was here to visit me for the summer,went around the festival sarging .Since i knew that that place was target heavy. and and i was right the place was full of people the only problem was.THERE WAS A TON OF LITTLE 15 YEAR OLD THAT LOOK OLDER AND OLD CHICKS THAT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE IN THEIR TEENS. NOW WHAT? I LIVED IN THAT AREA FOR MOST OF MY LIFE IN USA AND EVERYONE IS CL ICKY AND I DON'T sH1T WHERE I SLEEP.So trying to look for those age indicators such as a beer, or cigarettes, or tattoos, or just something that would tell me their age . and after chatting up few 17 year old i decided that i rather not get arrested for trying to solicit a minor and to salvage the night i quickly found a dj show in Milwaukee at the rave . so i go there i approach few setts do my esp test and do the cube to warm up on a mixed set of six and and they are all dating each other and sh1t so go back to dancing slowly starting to realize that there really isn't that many single people,since its not a dance club ,but a show venue. And then my buddy starts making out with a girl and tells me to piss off.
So i go outside do few sets to keep myself entertained and i assume that nothing good happened there since i have no memories of it
so then i turn around and there they were a set of 3 good looking girls all painted up and ready to party .3 blondes .two hb8 and hb8.5
maybe hb8.7(kinda don't want to be biased about that one and i will explain later.
so i open the set with the good old think of a number 1-10 in ur head and guess it deal got that 2 of the girls right and the one of the wrong it was something like 7,3 and 6. then i do the cube( i been doing the cube so much i can tel them how long ago they broke up with guys, if someone died and lots of crazy details since i read body language books and the more i do it in the night the better i do it through out the night. so i find out their ages one hb8 is 17 another is 24 and the hb 8.5 is 18 so i go for the hb8.5
i do the cube get it crazy good, find out that she is a bit more and it was the most awkward Number Close since they were lets go dance or some crap
me:so do you want to hang out sometimes or something(literally word per word)
hb8 i don't have a phone on me and i don't have a car so idk how we would (also explains her car issue)
me: well i got a phone on me and a car
her : ..........
me:well okay then it was nice talking to you all i'm going to go check on my buddy
her:wait you didin't get my number
number close
for the rest of the night i did the cube on guys, ugly girls and what not since there was'nt that man people at all maybe 50 at the best
same night call her up to meet up and smoke a bowl
same night made out with her (not in front of her friends tho since they were there "protectin' her)
next saturday meet up hang out and sleep with her. now she is my girlfrined atm

second field report
i was with my friends at a local bar, and the guy has no taste in girls(doesn't help if the place is dead)
oh whats this two girls at this huge sausage fest, i will take the challenge (oh reminder to people that i don't drink alcohol)
so he pulls this (i call her ratchet attack) hb6 slightly chubby girl and starts chatting her up. and her friend is just talking up the storm and just giving the guy bunch of sarcastic sh!t. she was hb7.5 cuz she was there right from work in her nasty work clothes and crap
so we start exchanging the conversation and she is just trying to diss me and my fuzzy hat (i will change my profile picture to me sitting on her lap in a bit )
i remember this little bit
her; do you want a cookie for that?
me ;as the matter of fact i do ,where is it?
her;here is a nothing cokie,(hands me empty hand
me:did you make it?
her;yeah i make nothing cookies and nothing sandwitches
me;thanks,pretend to eat it and say ;damn this taste like Sh1t
argue about more crap we then started getting along sitting on each other flirting and giving each other piggyback rides ,then we go to my friends house with them two and me and my buddy and one other friend , then i got blacked mailed by photos of me with her and me by the friend and was told .DONT BE A PIECE OF SH1T do to having a girlfriend . so i just went on the couch slept no number no nothing
third report august 6 2013
went to he rave with my new wing that i'm training (night game is his weak point)since i won 2 vip ticket
so get there early start talking
see a mix set i see the girl is sitting down and her baby fat is hanging out and i say to her "you know you shouldn't be going to the rave when you are pregnant ' got called an assh0le by her friends and i sit down to her and apologize ,and ask whats wrong and she just recently separated with her bf or something leave them alone cuz couldn't keep their attention since they were on extacy so i ditch them
but i will write this one in few days since i got to go to work in 4 hrs and i need sleep so not to leave you guys hanging i got 6 numbers including the girl that i called pregnant and have plans to hang out with 3 of them more details next day