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Thread: First field test - first experiences with this whole PUA stuffes

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    Default First field test - first experiences with this whole PUA stuffes

    Hey guys, I also want to share with you my first experiences.
    Just a quick prolog: I'm not a virgin, or a desperate guy; I have already picked up women a few time, but if i want to be honest, I should say I haven't got game. Either the girls picked me up or I was very lucky. Fortunately I look good, I take care of myself, i work out and stuff, but I just haven't known what to do with girls. I have horribly Approach Anxiety, I can't talk to girls... I was very lame. My 1,5 year relationship ended last year and ever since I kissed 1 or 2 girl, but no game, no girlfriends, no nothing. That's why i started digging in the whole PUA thing, watched VH1 show, read Mystery Method and other articles from PUA legends... and I felt like it's high time to try the tricks and methods.

    Last week I met with my best friends and we went to meet other guys, who I didn't know, but they are buddies with my best friends. We chatted, have a few drinks and went to a place - it was a mixture of bar and disco, there was music, but you can sit down and talk, too. It was in the basement of a dorm, and it was full of dudes. Just a few chicks, but they are hitten by guys every single second. Fortunately one guy from my company has the game, and he just started push me, encourage me. He opened sets, and when I saw how he did it, I thought: Ok, no time to waste, let's do it. I went to girls, started talking... and it was awesome. I opened like 5-6 sets, but I usually started talking to only 1 girl from the set - I know it was a mistake, but there were a few little succes. For example, I separated one girl from her friends, and when her friends came to us to pushed away her, she rather stayed with me. Unfortunately, she, and her girlfriends were all in relationships, but we have a nice talk. And what's more important, I just felt like I'm in a God mode. I didn't feel any approach anxiety, I was confident, cocky and fun - even boys came to me to help him open sets and talk to girls. Eventually there was one girl who I number closed: I ran a few routines that I were succesful that night before, bounce with her, make the cube-routine. Gosh, this routine, the Cube - I'm pretty sure it's God's gift to men. It work so badly. After running it, the girl started asking questions from me, and from that, it was very easy. I number closed her, but she was just like a 6, and I haven't been feeling to call her. But it was a great first time.
    Of course I looked through in my mind all my games and sets that i did that night, searching for what I did wrong. In one case I failed in sh1t test, in an other, I wasn't able to create enough comfort zone, so when my friend failed to occupy her girlfriends, they all went away.

    But I really got what a wanted: some confidence, and the proove, that yes, the Mystery method, and the other PUA stuffes are working. So when I go out with my friends 2 days ago, I planned to carry on things. We planned to go to a disco club, but before that, we went to a pub. Me and one of my friend went to get some beer, but there were a few people in the row. Right in front of us, a really hot girl were waiting for, to buy a drink. She checked me a few times, blinked at me, but nothing special - but I got these things as IOIs. I didn't opened her immediately, I waited to get next to her in the row. Then, I started something like "Are you with these guys?' (there were a big group of college students around us). She smiles, and said yes, they are in a college party or something. We started chatting, she orderd a beer and we continued talking. I used the line: "Let me guess what you are learning... communication and media? Yeah, definitely, you look like a communication and media student" - she started explaining "no, i'm learning psychology" That"s great - i said, let's play a pscychological game then". But i was the next one to order, so I told her to wait for me a bit, and she standed a few steps away from me, while I planned to order a beer, but some dudes cut before us. I just started thinking damn, it was a bad idea, get her waited for me - but she standed there, waiting for me, and din't leave at all. I appreciate it as a good sign, so tell my friends to order a beer and went to her. I ran the 4 question-4 bad answers (she said I was villaionus lol), and then, my favourite one, the Cube. It worked again, she just stared at me saying things like "How i know these things" and stuffes. I felt like it was enough, she is here with her friends, i am here with mines, so let's close it. I told her something like "I really like you, and I know you a little bit, but I want to know much better. And I am handsome and interesting too, so give me your number, I will call you, and we will meet to get to know each other better. And after giving your number, you can go back to your friends and I go back to mines". She gave me her number, I tell her to give me 2 cheek kiss and we went to our ways. I didn't look for her with my eyes on pourpose - but my friends said every time she walked by, or hanged near us, she just just stared at me. I also thought it is a great sign.
    2 days after this night (of course after the club, we went to a disco, but it was quiet lame, and now i agree with Mystery: the dancing floor is the place where the game dies) I called her. I tried something on her, that I think is funny: i called her from a supermarket; i said to her on the phone "hello Akác Rebecca (Akác is the name of the bar we met, when she gave me her number, I saved it in this name), asked her if it's her real name (because we joked about giving fake names to people). Than, I tried the funny line: "Ok, great, do you know XY supermarket?" She started to apoligizing, she said she went home for the weekend so she is not in the city. I said no problem, I just wanted to ask you if you know where the garbage bags can be found in this supermarket. It didn't worked out in the way i planned, but we continued talking for a few seconds. I asked if she likes coffe, so let's go to have a coffe. She said she come back to the city on Monday, but only on the late hours. At this point, I made a big mistake I guess: I told her that, Ok, last chance, Tuesday? She said ok, cool, but after this, i told her to call me when she will be back, so we can aggree on the time and the place. I know now, I shouldn't have let out the lead... and what's even worse, I think the conversation went a little worse after this. She said she only free at night (I said "Damn it, I planned to wake up with cock-a-doodle-doo and have a coffe at dawn), and she will come back after like 10 AM - can she call me that late, too? I told yeah, sure, it's pyjamas-time, but i tried to do my best to stay awake. We said goodby and hanged up.

    I know I made some mistakes: I told her to call me - so it's her to control know; and there is too much time between the day we met and the day of the planned dates - so i guess al the comfort and attraction i built at the bar just went away. I'm planning to text her tommorow - I'm thinking of the "A: Stop! B: ? A: Stop thinking of me and smiling etc.) text-routine... sorry if I was too detailed and long, and sorry if my English is bad (I'm from Hungary), but i would really appreciate some tips and hints, or basically any feedback. Thank you!

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    Default Re: First field test - first experiences with this whole PUA stuffes

    For someone who pushed himself this far you have done well keep on the content of conversation.and when a women says she will call you..hmm since there are other girls in the venue you may pass.Let her go meet more women.

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