Hey Everyone, second post here on the forums and i hate to say it's a sticky situation.

Went out with a good friend clubbing last night. Main goal was to work on opening big sets (6+). Went pretty well, got a couple n-closes. What worked really well was going in and giving most of the attention to the main HB of the group then leaving her hanging by chatting up all her friends. Soon enough they started trying to jump into the conversation, which we turned down with little negs, i.e. "Oh thats cute", "jeez does she always need this much attention". Once there was attraction with her friends one of us would would switch over and take her away from the group, it was super easy to keep her talking by using Brad Branson's coined term "Gorilla" game. Vocal projection played a huge role in keeping her in the Mindset I was the alpha of the group. One thing I had issues with was going in for anything bigger than an n-close, it seemed like I kept missing the windows to jump in. Any tips?

So anyways, onto the situation at hand. A girl I've known for a few years now, came up to me after seeing me get a few numbers from girls, she was obviously looking for attention. The night was late so I ended up taking her home for an easy f-close to the night. Thats where things got complicated. Even after telling her that there was no intent to start a monogamous relation she kept pushing with clingy lines; "I really like you", "When can we do this again". Now usually this wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the fact she's part of my main friend circle.

The reason for this post is I'm looking for help on how to let this girl down without making every female in my circle think I'm a total d-bag, seeing how there's other HB's in the group that I'm hoping to get in with. Any tips on how I can let this girl off are greatly appreciated.