Fall semester is up and the party season has started since it's the very first weeks and classes aren't too heavy yet.

My wing and I hit the party place and started to explore. It's a typical nightclub but the only difference is there are tables outside that you can chill out and Isolate targets.

We went inside, the dance floor, and tried to do some indirect approaches. But it was just too loud, dark and cramped. There were like 300 people and the club, apparently, could only handle around 100. Usual nightclub scenario eh?

We tried to approach by just grabbing people and starting to dance but it's almost impossible to move around. The bar is the same as well. I heard my other friends that they spent more than 1 hour just to get a drink.

So I needed to change my game plan. I was thinking to meet women inside the club then isolate them outside to the quieter area. But given the logistics, I decided to meet people outside then isolate them to the dance floor inside.

So wing and I went out to the tables area and noticed a group of 3 girls, 2 guys. Looks like they're having fun and they have some empty seats too. We just sat down and joined the conversation. They were freshmen, (we're sophomores) so they were eager to meet new people which made our job easy.

Immediately, I take the lead in the convo, involving everyone by making statements thus letting people to talk about themselves. Everyone is just loving it. There's constant teasing within the group so the tension is there. I can make something out of it. Guys are nothing to worry about, not AMOGs.

Getting to the juicy point, out of the blue, I changed the conversation topic and started to ask everyone about their relationship status. Wing's target, HB7 is single, great. My target, HB8 is single, great.

After everyone is done talking about their relationships, I said: "I want to summarize each one of yours with just one word." Great way to get some laughs and get the tease going.

I suggested my target is "arrogant" which got a huge laugh from everyone. She gave me one of the "Oh no you didn't." looks and I knew I was in.

Couple minutes later beats were getting kinkier so I just grabbed my target's hand and led her to the dance floor... And damn was she a good dancer. The only girl who could keep up with me for the longest time.

We started up close, she started grinding. I gave her a spin, held her face to face, took her hands and put them around my neck, went in and boom, k-close. Man, I felt so alive. That moment got scraped in my mind.

Danced a little bit more and went back to the table but she has to go. Quick n-close, wing n-closes his target. We head home as two happy men...