So last Friday was the first time that I decided to apply the Mystery Method, and boy was I pleased with the results!

Enter the club, chat up as many sets as possible (regular uncanned openers). Whenever I felt there was no game for me, I quit the set asap. Got a good warm up, went to a 2 set, got to A2, left the set ("I will go meet my friends, they are looking for me"). Go back to them 15 minutes later ("Oh you are still here? Come on let me introduce you to some friends"). Introduce them to a friend, Isolate target to a less noisy area. Pulled the ESP test on her (it worked!), and immediately went for the trust test. Told her she trusts me a lot considering we just met. Enough IOIs from her side.

Me: "So how good are u at kissing from 1-10?"
Her: "Probably about 6"
Me: "I don't believe you. Let me see for myself".

Kiss close. First time I used some routines and they worked so smooth. Insane. Got her number, she left after a while. Time to see if it was just luck or actual game.

Spotted my next target in a 2-set. I knew the guy beforehand so it was easy to get into the set. Asked how they know each other, cool, they just met. Pull dhv stories, introduce the set to another friend to isolate my target, take her outside. Pulled the ESP and trust test like before, worked very well.

Me: "So how good are you at kissing from 1-10?"
Her: "8"
Me: "I don't believe you. Let me see"

Kiss close.

Me: "Nah, 7 at best *wide grin*"

Went out with this girl the night after, secured another date.

Bloody hell, this stuff works!